RSS & Podcasting Connections

RSS has several meanings: Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary, and RDF Site Summary, where RDF stands for Resource Data Framework. It is a method of summarizing the latest news and information from a website, that can be easily read by many news readers or news aggregators, without having to browse to the website yourself.   RSS feeds come in multiple formats, from text only, such as news headlines or articles to downloadable audio and/or video files, known as podcasts. Once your RSS reader has gathered these files, they may be played on your computer or transferred to a portable device such as an MP3 player.

U.S. Government RSS Library

Business and Economics RSS Feeds external link
Updates for small business owners, economic news, and other business related information.

Consumer RSS Feeds external link
News on recalls and public safety.

Defense & International Relations RSS Feeds external link
News, press releases, speeches and contract announcements.

Education & Employment RSS Feeds external link
Department of Education, Office of Personnel Management and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission newsfeeds.

Environment, Energy & Agriculture RSS Feeds external link
News on conservation, forests, farms, human nutrition, hazardous waste, toxic chemicals, trash.

Health RSS Feeds external link
News and press releases from the National Institutes of Health, drug recalls and more.

Reference & General Government external link
Data, statistics, copyrights, and White House news and speeches.

Science & Technology RSS Feeds external link
Weather, earthquakes, energy, cyber alert system documents, and scientific research.


How Do I Use RSS?

First you will need a news aggregator (also known as a news reader, an RSS reader, etc.) An aggregator is software that will load news "feeds" from a website, and monitor it for updated materials.  RSS readers are available for most types of personal computers, operating systems, PDAs and cell phone. Many modern browsers also have aggregators built in.

Second, simply cut and paste the URL for the RSS feed into the aggregator, and it does the rest. Your aggregator will alert you anytime new updates are posted to the feed, and will keep track of all read articles.

Google Directory of RSS Readers external link

Google Directory of RSS Tutorials external link


RSS Help

How do I use RSS?
There are several great RSS tutorials available online. You may find links to some on the Google Directory of RSS Tutorials page. external link

Where do I get a RSS reader?
There are several different kinds of RSS readers, ranging from online tools and web browser extensions, to completely standalone software pacakges.  There are many links available on the Google Directory of RSS Readers page. external link

When I click on an RSS link I see a bunch of code.
RSS links are not readable, they are designed to be processed and displayed to you through a news aggregator.

What format of RSS does use? uses the RSS 2.0 format.

What is podcasting?
Podcasting is the method of distributing multimedia files, such as audio programs or music videos, over the Internet for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. Podcasts are distributed using RSS.


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