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Secretary Grayson Announces Support for Joint Resolution Relating to Civic Literacy
Press Release Date:  February 5, 2004

Les Fugate, Director of Communications    
Office of the Secretary of State   
(502) 564-3490


Secretary of State Trey Grayson announced today his support for a joint resolution to establish a committee to convene a summit for civic literacy at Northern Kentucky University.  The resolution was filed today by Senator Jack Westwood and Representative Tanya Pullin.


During the press conference, Grayson was joined by Westwood, Pullin, Laurie DiPavoda-Stocks founding director of the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement at Northern Kentucky University, Paul Blanchard executive director of Government Relations at Eastern Kentucky University, representatives from the Administrative Office of the Courts, and students from throughout the Commonwealth.


“One issue from the campaign for which I am most passionate is civic engagement,” Grayson stated prior to the news conference.  “I look forward to working with the committee to increase civic education throughout the Commonwealth.  This summit will undoubtedly raise awareness of this important topic as well as generate meaningful ideas to increase involvement in the political process.”


Pullin and Westwood both stated the need for increased participation of young people in the political process and that the idea for the summit was generated by a national conference on civic engagement they attended this past summer.


Westwood summarized that the resolution encourages the Secretary of State, the Department of Education, the Administrative Office of the Courts, to work with the nationally renowned Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement to host the summit in order to determine a strategy for enhancing long term-civic engagement.


“Democracy only works when citizens are involved in the process,” representative Pullin stated.  “This summit will determine how best to increase that involvement.”


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