Secretary of State
Grayson Joins Lloyd Memorial Students in Support of Civics Legislation

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, March 11, 2008  
Contact Information:  Les Fugate, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Office of the Secretary of State
Office: (502) 564-3490
Cell: (502) 229-3803

(Frankfort, KY)  Under legislation passed today by the Kentucky House Committee on Education, Kentucky high school students will definitely receive information in the classroom about how to register to vote, how to use voting equipment, and how to cast an absentee ballot.  House Bill 560, sponsored by State Rep. Adam Koenig (R-Erlanger) and supported by Secretary of State Trey Grayson, was the idea of students at Lloyd Memorial High School.

“Unfortunately, Kentucky students just do not get enough access to basic information on the democratic process,” said Secretary Grayson.  This legislation ensures that students will receive this important information which will hopefully increase the participation of young people in future elections.”

Sophomore students at Lloyd Memorial were asked to review legislation being proposed to the Kentucky general assembly and then determine what legislation they thought Kentucky most needed.  A number of pieces of possible legislation were then submitted to Rep. Koenig to examine.  He chose one piece of legislation to sponsor during the legislative session. 

Koenig noted during today’s hearing that “these students have developed a wonderful piece of legislation that will be of benefit to students for years to come.  I am happy to sponsor their legislation.”

The legislation was researched and vetted by 14 sophomores and 3 upperclassmen from Lloyd Memorial.  In fact, one of the supporters, senior Andy Bard, testified on behalf of the bill stating that he realized the importance of the legislation when he attended the Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP).  At each GSP campus, the Office of the Secretary of State hosts voting machine demonstrations as well as voter registration drives.

“I will be eighteen in September and do not know what to do in order to register to vote for the upcoming presidential election.  With this bill, I won’t have to worry about how I am going to figure out things like that.” said Zachary Schulkers, a sophomore from Erlanger.  “Even the basic things like knowing how to register to vote can be intimidating for students, and by providing this important instruction, we hope to have more students involved in the democratic process.”

Many of the students came to Frankfort today to show their support of the legislation which passed out of committee unanimously.  Following the legislative process was also a dramatic civic experience for the students.

 “This is a great classroom activity, because I am getting to see fist-hand how our laws are made.  I never knew that the legislative process could be so intense,” stated Jennica Dashner, a sophomore from Elsmere.  “We not only proved that the legislative process can work, but that students with great ideas like ours can really make a difference.”

            The legislation now heads to the full House of Representatives for their consideration.

            The following students helped craft the legislation and work for its passage: Andy Bard, Kayla Flynn, Joseph Smith, Dezmen Ritchie, Zachary Schullers, Christian Trujillo, Stephanie Abney, Jennica Dashner, Mark McGuire, Austin Tucker, Lyndon Comer, Derrick McBride, Rian Derringer, Joshua Hall, Joseph Huerta, Sara Sterling, and Sami Sherriff.

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