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Secretary of State Trey Grayson Announces More Kentuckians than ever are Registered to Vote
Press Release Date:  October 14, 2004

Les Fugate, Director of Communications

Office of the Secretary of State

(502) 564-3490


             More Kentuckians than ever before are registered to vote in the upcoming general election according to figures released today by Secretary of State Trey Grayson and the State Board of Elections.  In total, 2,794,286 citizens will appear on Kentucky’s voter rolls for the November 2nd election.


“We are very excited to have so many new Kentucky voters for the upcoming election” stated Secretary Grayson.  “It is my hope that this large increase in registrations will result in a large turnout on Election Day.” 


            The registration totals are a net increase of 87,693 voters from those who were registered to vote in the May 18th primary, swelling the voter rolls by 3.14%.  This percentage is considerably higher than the registration increase during the 2000 presidential election cycle for that same time period.  The voter rolls only increased by 2.09% in 2000.


              Registration figures continued to showed little change in the percentage of male and female voters.  Female voters increased by 46,217 since the May primary while male voters increased by 41,455 voters.  Female voters comprise 52.9% percent of Kentucky’s voting population, the same percentage as in the Primary election.


 A larger number of Republicans registered to vote between the Primary election and the October 4th registration deadline.  Republican registrants increased by 45,408 voters.  Democrats increased by 34,825 while “other” voters increased by 7,460.  Republicans and “others” also increased their percentages of the Kentucky voter rolls as they now comprise 35.67% and 6.52% of Kentucky voters, respectively.  That is an increase of just over a half percentage point for Republicans and a .06% increase for “others” since the Primary election.  Democrats saw their percentage decrease from 58.4% of the voter rolls in May to 57.81% for the upcoming election.


Secretary Grayson noted that election’s focus now shifts to getting people to the polls on Election Day.  “Now that the registration books are closed, we must work diligently to see that every Kentuckian votes on November 2nd.”


For complete registration statistics or to find out where citizens are supposed to vote on Election Day visit

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Last updated: Friday, April 22, 2005