Personnel Cabinet
Personnel Cabinet Forms Partnership with University of Kentucky’s Institute for Workplace Innovation

Press Release Date:  Thursday, July 24, 2008  
Contact Information:  Crystal Pryor


The Institute for Workplace Innovation partnership allows the Personnel Cabinet to become engaged in a variety of best practices discussions which promote workplace productivity, economic development and work-life effectiveness in the changing economy by translating academic research into innovate solutions that enable effective work environments, a vibrant economy and working families to thrive.

The partnership includes affiliates across the nation who work to review important topics such as complex intersections of the changing workforce, the changing economy and organizational effectiveness to improve workplace productivity, economic development and employee well-being. iWin bridges the gap between academic research and innovative solutions by translating the most current research into applicable tools and resources for workplaces, policy makers and employees. 

“Their goal is to help Kentucky’s employers become ‘employer of choice’ organizations. They are equally interested in the individual workplace as they are in assuring Kentucky’s ability to court and secure viable businesses and talent from around the world,” said Personnel Cabinet Secretary Nikki Jackson. “I am happy to report that the Economic Development Cabinet is supporting this effort with us.”

The membership is held in the name of the “Commonwealth of KY”. The state will be represented by Secretary Nikki Jackson, Tina Johnson Goodmann, and Gene Fuqua (Economic Development Cabinet) will serve as an alternate.

If you are interested in learning more about the Institute, please feel free to visit their website at . For additional information on Personnel Cabinet initiatives, visit

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