Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson's Communications Office
Lt. Gov. Abramson, Longmeyer Recognize State Employees for Ideas

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, March 11, 2014  
Contact Information:  Kerri Richardson
Terry Sebastian

More than 50 employees’ ideas expected to save state more than $335,000

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Lieutenant  Governor Jerry Abramson joined Personnel Secretary Tim Longmeyer today to recognize 51 state employees for their suggestions to improve the productivity and services offered by the state.

The employees’ ideas were submitted through the Kentucky Employee Suggestion System or KESS, and are expected to save the Commonwealth more than $335,000 in the first year alone.

“Who better to know how to improve the operations of our government than our employees?” said Lt. Gov. Abramson. “You continue to demonstrate your commitment to public service by finding ways to improve efficiency and serve the best interests of our citizens.”

Administered by the Personnel Cabinet, KESS was established in 1981 to encourage employees to practice good management and to share ideas for improving operations. Since 1996, the Commonwealth has realized $46.7 million in first-year savings.

“The figures give you an idea of the importance of this program and the impact these employees have made,” Secretary Longmeyer said. “With the leanest government in history, employees are asked to perform multiple jobs with fewer resources. They know improvements that can help them be more efficient, and as a result, government becomes more efficient.”

Suggestions that result in the improvement of state service or financial savings can be approved for implementation. Submissions are first evaluated at the cabinet level and, if implemented, are then sent to the Kentucky Employee Suggestion System Council for recommendation of a monetary award.

Cash awards can be provided and may range from a minimum of $100 to 10 percent of the first year's documented or estimated savings, up to a maximum of $2,500. One hundred dollars may be given for ideas that are adopted but have intangible savings.

Steve Moss, an employee with the Finance Cabinet, suggested ways to help maintain the proper airflow and temperature in the Commonwealth Data Center, an important factor when storing computer equipment. Products purchased from home improvement centers and a little do-it-yourself know-how resulted in a savings of more than $24,000.

For more information regarding the Personnel Cabinet’s Employee Suggestion System, visit A list of the employees honored today can be viewed at