Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo's Communications Office
A Message From Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, November 10, 2009  
Contact Information:  Valeria Swope Cummings

As we take time to celebrate another Veterans Day, let us not forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for the freedom each of us enjoy.

For over 230 years the United States has stood as a beacon of truth and justice for all people.  On this Veterans Day we take time to reflect on the service and sacrifice many have made in order to keep our country and those of our allies’ safe from harm’s way.

The tragedy at Fort Hood last week brings home the importance of honoring those who fight for freedom.  That’s why it is important that not only on Veterans Day, but every day, we take time to honor those now serving in the Armed Forces as well as those who have served.  Pray for them and for their families.

The other night Andy Rooney was giving his commentary at the end of ‘60 Minutes’ and he talked about all the wars that have gone on during his lifetime.  He talked about the friends he had lost in battles and then posed this question: wouldn’t it be great to have a “No Wars Day” where there would be one day of just peace.

I believe that is what every man and woman serving in the military is fighting for; a day of peace.  But until that time, we must all remember the job they are doing and thank them for it.  It’s their courage that makes this country strong.  On this Veterans Day I salute you, the veteran.