Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo's Communications Office
Lt. Governor Mongiardo to Testify for Florida Panel on Prescription Drug Monitoring and Pain Clinics

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, October 07, 2009  
Contact Information:  Sarah Baird
Eric Duncan

Mongiardo Served as Vocal Proponent for Recently Passed System That Will Save Lives in Florida and Kentucky

Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo was invited by Timothy Donnelly, Broward County's Assistant State Attorney in charge of Special Prosecution and Public Corruption, to testify before a Florida panel this Wednesday.  The panel is conducting a fact-finding investigation on the Florida Pain Clinics and on Prescription Drug Monitoring.  Mongiardo has been a vocal proponent in urging the Florida legislature to institute a prescription drug monitoring system into law.

When Florida passed SB 462 in July, Mongiardo applauded their efforts and thanked members of the legislature and the governor.  “Thanks to a collective effort of leaders in Florida's government, this important bill authorizes the creation of an electronic prescription drug monitoring system to track the dispensing of controlled substances in Florida and to help prevent abuse, misuse and illegal sale of prescription drugs,” said Lt. Governor Mongiardo. “This is especially important in stopping the current illegal prescription drug pipeline between Florida and Kentucky, which has led to an explosion in prescription drug addiction and death for citizens of the Commonwealth.”

Lt. Governor Mongiardo has been working on this issue for several years—including sponsoring legislation in Kentucky to improve prescription drug monitoring—after seeing first hand the devastating toll prescription drug abuse was having on the Commonwealth. Lt. Governor Mongiardo also worked with Florida legislators and other government officials, including Florida Rep. Kelly Skidmore, urging them to adopt a prescription drug monitoring system.

Lt. Governor Mongiardo has been asked to offer his opinion as a citizen, doctor and Lt. Governor on the issue of prescription drug abuse, pain clinics, trafficking and how it affects the Commonwealth and its citizens.  The panel is particularly interested in how prescription drug trafficking is affecting Kentuckians, how the problem can be addressed, what work has been accomplished with Florida and recommendations for further legislation.