Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo's Communications Office
Lieutenant Governor Mongiardo’s Health IT Resolution Adopted by NLGA

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, August 05, 2009  
Contact Information:  Sarah Baird

Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo’s resolution—“Ensuring the Adoption of Health Information Technology Systems”—was adopted this weekend at the annual meeting of the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association (NLGA) in Baltimore, Maryland. Lt. Governor Mongiardo led the drafting and development of the resolution in his capacity as primary sponsor, with several other lieutenant governors from across the country serving as co-sponsors.

The resolution establishes the NLGA as an organization fully in support and encouraging of states’ efforts to advance the use of health information technology including the creation of utilities to exchange health information, adoption of electronic health records and electronic prescribing.

“The adoption of this resolution helps move the delivery of healthcare into the 21stcentury. By bringing healthcare into the digital age, medical errors will reduced, countless lives will be saved, care will be improved, and billions of dollars wasted on today’s paper driven medical system will be cut,” said Lt. Governor Mongiardo.

Lt. Governor Mongiardo also was a co-sponsor on several key resolutions passed, ranging in topic from recognition of the Americans for the Arts 50th anniversary celebration, to broadband use and awareness and Teach for America.

“Lt. Governor Mongiardo demonstrated a depth of policy knowledge, an intense commitment to health care and a passion for ensuring reform is positive for patients: first and foremost,” said NLGA Director Julia Hurst.  “He worked on stage and off stage to engage his peers from across the nation—covering every region and both parties—on the important issues being debated in Washington D.C.”