Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo's Communications Office
Lieutenant Governor Mongiardo helps lead National Lieutenant Governors Heart Health Initiative

Press Release Date:  Monday, October 13, 2008  
Contact Information:  Sarah Baird

Today, Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo launched the Kentucky chapter of the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association heart health initiative, Your Heart is in Your Hands. This nationwide effort to improve cardiovascular health has created a simple, effective, online way that individuals can record and compile their nutritional and physical activity in order to reach targeted health & wellness goals.

Modeled after Delaware Lieutenant Governor John Carney’s successful statewide program, Lieutenant Governors across the nation are now participating in this effort to encourage citizens to take preventative measures against cardiovascular disease. When an individuals signs up for the program, he or she commits to a twelve-week “challenge” which involves increasing fruits and vegetables in one’s diet and committing to regular exercise. The individual is able to track his or her progress from any location through an online system, and at the end of the twelve weeks receives an award if goals are successfully met.

“Kentucky has one of the worst track records for health in the nation. Two-thirds of Kentuckians are overweight or obese, increasing their chances for heart disease and other cardiovascular problems,” said Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo. “By participating in the Lieutenant Governor’s Challenge program, individuals will be given a simple and meaningful way to get motivated to eat right and increase activity. This will help improve their heart health, as well as decrease their risk of other chronic disease and illnesses.”

Your Heart is in Your Hands not only takes direct and pragmatic action towards improving the quality of life and wellness of individuals; it helps to raise awareness about the prevalence of heart disease in our nation. The numbers are startling: more than 80 million Americans are affected by heart disease, a number larger than those affected by cancer, AIDS/HIV and accidents combined. However, many do not recognize that personal choices can improve their chances of avoiding heart disease by up to 82%. Lieutenant Governors across the nation have set out to change this.

“The National Lieutenant Governors Association is excited to assist Lt. Governor Mongiardo in bringing this program to Kentucky,” said NLGA Associate Director Morgan Mundell. “Cardiovascular disease accounts for 1/3 of the deaths in Kentucky.  We appreciate the Lieutenant Governor’s efforts in helping residents of Kentucky live a longer and healthier life.”

To participate in the program or to learn more, visit