Department of Highways, District 11
There’s No Business Like Snow Business

Press Release Date:  Friday, October 07, 2005  
Contact Information:  SANDY RUDDER
(606) 598-2145

The warm days and balmy nights we have been experiencing recently may not put you in a winter state of mind, but winter is just around the corner.   Mr. Greene Keith, Chief District Engineer for District 11 of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet would like to remind everyone to be on the lookout for our snow fighting removal equipment.  Personnel in the eight counties District 11 serves are getting ready for the busy snow and ice removal season by preparing the equipment to be ready to quickly and efficiently clear roads once the snow starts flying.

District 11 personnel have the responsibility for clearing nearly 2,039 miles of state maintained highways in the counties of Bell, Clay, Harlan, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Leslie and Whitley. This mileage includes Interstate 75, the Hal Rogers Parkway, KY 80 and US 25 & 25E, as well as other heavily-traveled routes linking these counties together and to the rest of the state.  During the winter months, trucks are fully equipped with salt spreaders, snowplows, ground speed control units, and 2-way radio communications.  Over the past few years, the Transportation Cabinet has initiated a proactive approach to snow and ice removal.  One process used by crews to keep roads clear is called “de-icing.”  By adding liquid calcium chloride to the salt, snow and ice will melt even when temperatures dip into the low teens.    Through the application of a pre-manufactured brine solution we are able to get a head start on our snow fighting efforts.  Advanced warning of an approaching snow event allows the opportunity to apply this solution to dry pavement up to 24 hours prior to the arrival of snow.

“The Transportation Cabinet recognizes how important the roadways are to Kentucky industries and motorists; we are dedicated to keeping these roadways clear and safe for travel,” says Mr. Keith.  “Governor Fletcher has stressed the importance of good roads to Kentucky’s success and we intend to do our part by keeping them as safe as possible for drivers during bad weather.” 

Maintenance crews seek assistance from the traveling public as snow and ice are not the only obstacles on the road during winter.    “Our employees do an excellent job in keeping roads clear during the winter,” said Mr. Keith, “People should be patient when following a snow plow, they are making it possible for you to get through.  Please slow down, drive carefully on snow covered roads and always buckle-up. 

The most heavily traveled roadways are the first priorities during snow removal, less traveled roads are cleared as quickly as possible.   For a snow removal priority map or the latest road conditions call 511 or the Cabinet’s Homepage at (