Department of Highways, District 11

Press Release Date:  Thursday, November 29, 2007  
Contact Information:  Sandy Rudder
Public Information Officer
Department of Highways, District 11
Railroad Avenue, P.O. Box 250
Manchester, KY 40962

MANCHESTER, KY. - (November 29, 2007) – For two Kentucky Transportation Cabinet employees, Monday, November 12 turned out to be a very busy day.  While returning from a jobsite near the Tennessee state line they decided to return to I-75 through downtown Jellico and witnessed a man attacking an elderly lady on Main Street, stealing her purse.
Jeff Frazier and Maureen Baird, employees of the Department of Highways District 11 office immediately stopped their vehicle and got out, yelling for the individual to stop. The suspect had knocked the lady to the ground, strong armed her purse from her and began running.  The employees decided to help the police capture the suspect after concluding the lady hadn’t suffered life threatening injuries.  They immediately returned to their vehicle and began chasing the suspect, determined to catch him because they couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Jeff got a 911 dispatcher on the line while Maureen gave him a description of the man as they pursued him up and down streets, parking lots, trying not to lose him until the police arrived.   The suspect tried to change his appearance by removing the hood of his sweatshirt and wearing a red baseball cap but our employees were determined to see justice served.  Jeff flagged a police car, pointing in the direction of the suspect at a carwash where he was attempting to steal a car from another lady. 

The employees blocked access with their state vehicle, preventing the suspect from driving away while an officer blocked the other entrance and apprehended the suspect.

The suspect was arrested on charges of aggravated robbery and attempted carjacking, the elderly lady received prompt medical attention and her purse was returned.

Jellico Police Chief Tony Day said, "I appreciate the assistance that the personnel from the Department of Highways gave us in apprehending the suspect," Day said. "Their help was very valuable and greatly appreciated."

"This act took considerable bravery and courage," said Mike Calebs, Executive Director for the Department of Highways District 11. "They are to be commended for becoming involved and aiding law enforcement to apprehend a suspect.”

Baird and Frazier are residents of Whitley County and work at the Whitley Construction Crew in Williamsburg.