Department of Highways, District 11
Transportation Cabinet Receives Environmental Approval for Construction of a new Highway in Laurel County Frontage Road along Interstate 75 between exits 38 and 41

Press Release Date:  Thursday, September 06, 2007  
Contact Information:  Sandy Rudder
Public Information Officer
Department of Highways, District 11
Railroad Avenue, P.O. Box 250
Manchester, KY 40962

MANCHESTER, KY. – (September 6, 2007) – The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has received environmental CE 3 (categorical exclusion-Level 3) approval for a frontage road, located east of  Interstate 75 between exits 38 and 41 in London.  The proposed project, Laurel County (Item No. 11-139.00, 75639 01 C)  involves the creation of a two-lane, access by permit highway approximately 2.5 miles long, which will connect KY 192 to KY 80.

Environmental approval means the Phase I design process can proceed to Phase II design, which includes determining specifics of the road such as rights of way required, utilities and detailed construction of the road.  Funding has been made available for the design phase which includes environmental and   procuring funds will be necessary before proceeding to construction of the roadway.

State and local officials as well as business leaders in the community determined the undeveloped land area along Interstate 75 between Exits 38 and 41 would provide much needed accessibility and congestion relief in and around the City of London and Laurel County.  Currently, traffic is directed through the City of London; oftentimes, heavy traffic on this route impedes movement, particularly near schools and dense residential areas.

The connection between KY 192 and KY 80 will afford emergency service vehicles an additional route to the area’s future hospitals/health care from current and future residential subdivisions and businesses.  In addition, the connector stands to facilitate mobility for economic development and potential human health service facilities along the Interstate frontage area by providing a local traffic and/or emergency route alternative to I-75 between interchange connections, as plans to develop a 120-bed hospital exists within the project area.

On August 15, 2007, the Federal Highway Administration and Division of Environmental Analysis determined that this project meets the conditions for Categorical Exclusion as defined in the August 21, 2003 agreement between the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Federal Highway Administration and is classified as a Categorical Exclusion under CFR 771.117(d)(1).  The Categorical Exclusion determination and relevant project data are available for public inspection at the Department of Highway’s District Office in Manchester, Kentucky.