Department of Highways, District 11

Press Release Date:  Friday, October 27, 2006  
Contact Information:  SANDY RUDDER
(606) 598-2145

MANCHESTER, KY –(October 27, 2006)-- Mr. Greene Keith, Executive Director for District 11 announces Mr. Leon Cole as the new Superintendent in Harlan County.   Mr. Cole’s appointment was effective October 1st, he began his career with the cabinet in 1998 in the District Equipment section.  He was responsible for the maintenance of special equipment such as graders, loaders, king slopers, router rooters, slope mowers, trucks and sweeper in the eight counties that comprise District 11.

“Mr. Cole brings a vast knowledge of maintaining roads to his position,” said Mr. Keith, “He is a graduate of the Road Scholar and Road Master program through the University of Kentucky Transportation Center.”  Leon was acting superintendent in the Harlan crew from April 2005 to April 2006 as well as Knox County Maintenance from April to November 2000 and Leslie County Maintenance from July 2003 to April 2005, prior to being appointed to this position.  He served as Garage Supervisor at the Pineville Equipment Garage from May 2001 to July 2003 and Maintenance Engineer for Clay and Leslie County from April to October 2006.

 “I realize the importance of ditching to keep water off the roads, preventing potholes and breaks on the shoulder of our roadways,” said Mr. Cole.  Harlan County is a vast county and although our crew is small in number we are committed to keeping our roads as safe as possible for motorists to travel.  Whether traveling to work, school, church or just to view the beautiful scenery in the county, we all want safe, reliable roads to travel.”   He realized early in his career that the most important road to everyone is the one in front of their house.  He grew up in Bell Co and is married to Sudie Cooper, the daughter of Denver and Edna Cooper of Bledsoe.

Mr. Cole said, “I want to thank the citizens of Harlan County for the reception I have received and would like everyone to know, I am here to help you, I intend to maintain the roads in Harlan County to the best of my ability.”  Mr. Cole can be contacted at the Harlan Maintenance Garage located off US 119 at Keith or by calling 606-573-1710.