Department of Highways, District 11
KYTC Department of Highway District 11 Holds Equipment Roadeo - Attention all Cowboys, uh, Equipment Operators

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, September 12, 2006  
Contact Information:  SANDY RUDDER
(606) 598-2145

Manchester, KY (September 12, 2006) – Employees of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Department of Highways District 11 participated in the district’s Equipment Roadeo on Wednesday, September 6.  The event was held at the London Optimist Club located off West KY 80 in Laurel County.

This competition is open to any district employee who has a CDL license and allows them the opportunity to show their skills as well as to begin preparing for the snow and ice removal season.   The competition is a skills test for our equipment operators and reminds them how important it is to be accurate and safe in the operation of their equipment. 

Transportation Cabinet employees clearing our roadways are highly trained and qualified to do what they do under seriously adverse conditions.  It requires lots of expertise to properly operate a snow plow, end loader, grader or other equipment and the Roadeo is a contest among their peers to “show ‘em what you’ve got” using state of the art equipment.
Competitions were held in three events:

• Single Axle Dump Truck w/Tandem Trailer, test driver’s ability to back a vehicle with trailer into a narrow space and stop within six inches of a dock or free-standing barricade.  This exercise simulates backing to a shipping platform between two other vehicles from a street or yard area of limited width.

• Single Axle Dump Truck w/ 11’ Snow Plow, test driver’s ability to negotiate the truck through a tight turn in a confined space, maneuvering through the lane in a manner to avoid hitting cones and/or tennis balls while maintaining continuous movement.
• Backhoe, to test driver’s ability to maneuver the hoe bucket in tight quarters.  This exercise simulates the removal of material from the ends of a culvert, drop inlet or other drainage structure without damaging the structure.  The operator lifts the hoe and maneuvers to a batting tee and attempts to remove a softball without touching the tee.  Operator then attempts to deposit the softball into one of two boxes without touching the box and ground the hoe to the side.   The ball is then placed into the hoe and the operator is required to place the softball into box #2 without touching the box and ground the hoe.  The softball is then placed between the teeth of the hoe and the operator attempts to place the softball on the tee without dropping the ball or hitting tee.

Prizes were awarded for the winner in each of the three events as well as for Overall Competition and the County with the greatest Overall Score.  Mr. Jack Helms, Bell County Maintenance, was the winner of all three events as well as the Overall Competition and the Bell County Crew won for the county with the greatest overall score.  Second place winners in the three events were Michael Singleton-Jackson County Maintenance Crew for the Truck w/Tandem Trailer, Chris Broughton-Whitley County Maintenance Crew for the Truck w/11’ Snowplow and Dewey Fields-Leslie County Maintenance Crew for the Backhoe, Blaine Mike, Bell County Maintenance Crew was the second place winner for the Overall Competition.  Contestants who placed first and second in individual events in district competitions automatically advance to the State Final competition, which will be held at the KY Speedway in Sparta, on October 5, 2006.

District 11 consists of eight counties including Bell, Clay, Harlan, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Leslie and Whitley. 


Jack Helms placed first in all three competitions and Overall Competition

Second Place Winners L to R:  Dewey Fields-Leslie Co., Chris Broughton-Whitley Co., Chief District Engineer Greene L. Keith and Michael Singleton-Jackson Co.

Truck w/11' snowplow maneuvering through course

Backhoe Bucket maneuvering softball off/onto tee