Department of Highways, District 11
Recommended Alternative for US 421 from the Hal Rogers Parkway to KY 149 south of Manchester, Clay County, Item 11-8003.00

Press Release Date:  Friday, March 17, 2006  
Contact Information:  Sandy Rudder
Public Information Officer Public Information Officer

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has completed a planning study for US 421 south of Manchester in Clay County. The recommended alternative in the study for the 3.2 mile segment was to widen the current roadway to an improved 3-lane section with a continuous turning lane tapering south of the Save-a-Lot store to 2 lanes with shoulders from this point with a turn lane constructed at the KY 149 intersection.  A 5-lane section was suggested and discussed, to be analyzed if there was a need.  The configurations would either be curb and gutter or fully paved shoulders. The purpose of this study was to: (a) identify and evaluate information for corridor improvements along US 421 / KY 80 from the Hal Rogers Parkway to the intersection with KY 149; (b) provide data to be used in the design phase; and (c) provide background information that can be utilized in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation for the project. The project goals are to improve safety and congestion problems created by the heavy mixed traffic composition along the existing corridor.

Major issues and concerns were identified within the study area and are addressed in the Planning Study. These include high crash rates; turning conflicts, poor sight distance, truck access for existing and future businesses; and, improving traffic congestion along the existing corridor.

The recommended configuration for the segment from the US 421 / KY 80 / KY 11 / KY 2076 intersection to a location approximately 2 miles south would be to widen the current roadway to 3 lanes with a continuous turning lane. This segment would end in the proximity of the Save-A-Lot store and would incorporate a typical curb and gutter section with sidewalks. The remaining segment would be tapered from the previous segment to a 2-lane section with fully paved shoulders to the intersection with KY 149. Turn lanes would be constructed at this intersection as well as the intersection with KY 11. Both sections would follow the existing alignment and include retrofitting of the existing bridges over Horse Creek and Goose Creek.

Design of the approximately $20 million roadway is currently funded with construction anticipated to begin in FY 2008. The Final Report can also be found on the Division of Planning’s web site under the “Planning Projects” link at