Department of Highways, District 11

Press Release Date:  Thursday, March 02, 2006  
Contact Information:  SANDY RUDDER
(606) 598-2145

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is scheduled to begin removal of signs illegally placed on state right of way in the eight county area of District 11 on Wednesday, March 15, 2006.  Counties include Bell, Clay, Harlan, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Leslie and Whitley.

 Signs to be removed include political signs and other business and promotional signs that encroach on the right of way of state highways. The signs will be removed for legal and safety reasons.

 Maintenance Facilities for the 8 counties are listed below:

 Bell County 606-337-3284
 Clay County 606-598-3541
 Harlan County 606-573-1710
 Jackson County 606-287-7385
 Knox County 606-546-3096
 Laurel County 606-864-5064
 Leslie County 606-672-2310
 Whitley County 606-549-1870 
 Sign owners are encouraged to remove their signs as they are expensive and will only be stored for a period of two weeks at the Maintenance Garage in the respective county.  If not picked up within the two week grace period, signs will be destroyed.