Department of Highways, District 11
New Snow Removal Equipment for Jackson County

Press Release Date:  Friday, December 09, 2005  
Contact Information:  SANDY RUDDER
(606) 598-2145

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is pleased to announce the addition of some major capitol improvements to aid in winter snow removal efforts to all state maintained roadways in Jackson County. The new capital improvements include a vinyl fabric covered salt storage facility which is 96’ long by 40’ wide and 32’ high. The structure, completed by the Jackson County State Maintenance employees, will allow up to 1200 tons of salt to be stored and give the employees plenty of salt storage capacity to tackle the worst that Mother Nature can dish out.  Jimmy Singleton, Jackson County Superintendent, indicated this large salt supply available for their use will enable the employees to handle an extended snow and ice period before replenishing their stockpiles. The storage structure replaces a dilapidated salt shed over 50 years old that held approximately 250 tons of salt. Prior to this winter season, the facility had to refill/restock salt after most every snow and ice event from the salt dome storage structure in Laurel County.  It kept the crews busy after a snow and ice event just restocking salt, preventing other winter roadway maintenance activities from occurring.

Additionally, a new 10,000 gallon salt brine storage tank is now in place on the lot located near Tyner. The crew also has a new truck mounted 1,250 gallon salt brine applicator.  Salt brine application is a new tool being used throughout the area served by the District 11 Highway office located in Manchester, Kentucky.  A 23% solution of salt brine is sprayed on the roadway surface up to 24 hours prior to an anticipated snow and ice event and helps prevent the snow or ice from bonding to the pavement surface. This helps maintain a safer roadway surface in a couple of ways.  First, it helps melt the snow when it hits the roadway, preventing the pavement from getting as slick on the front end of a snow event. Second, it helps prevent bonding of the snow to the roadway surface making plowing the snow from the roadway much easier. Snow can be removed very easy from the roadway prior to becoming packed and stuck to the pavement surface. Salt brine cannot be applied prior to the anticipated snow event if rain is forecast before the snow, any rainfall would simply wash the salt brine from the roadway surface rendering it ineffective.

The new salt structure, salt brine tank, and salt brine sprayer compliment the fleet of six (6) snow plow trucks, two loaders and road grader in fighting the inevitable winter snow storms to be encountered this winter season.  County Superintendent Jimmy Singleton and assistant superintendent Greg Neeley along with the entire crew at Jackson County are prepared to keep the county roadways as snow and ice free as possible. 

These new investments to the Jackson County facility are part of continued efforts by KY Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert and Green Keith, Chief District Engineer for District 11, to provide the safest roadways possible in Jackson County this winter.