Department of Highways, District 10
Transportation Cabinet Promotes Common Wealth Of Knowledge About Kentucky Geography; Kentucky Highway Maps Distributed to Four Schools in Breathitt County

Press Release Date:  Friday, March 24, 2006  
Contact Information:  Doug Hogan
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Office of Public Affairs
(502) 564-3419

FRANKFORT, KY (March 24, 2006) – In January, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet began distributing Kentucky official highway maps to schools all across the Commonwealth. The maps will be used for geography and social studies classes as well for reference materials in school libraries.

Maps were presented to Highland-Turner, LBJ, Marie Roberts-Caney and Rousseau elementary schools in Breathitt County. Accepting the donated maps at each school were the following:

  • Highland-Turner, secretary Alma Turner
  • LBJ, attendance clerk Linda Bush and assistant principal Patrick Wooton
  • Marie Roberts-Caney, secretary Teresa Turner and students Mary Hughes, Vicey Combs and Nikki Baker
  • Rousseau, principal Carl McIntosh and student Beth Griffith

H.B. Elkins, public information officer for the Department of Highways District 10 office in Jackson, visited the Breathitt County schools to present the maps to the schools on Friday, March 24.

"We have an abundance of 2004 and 2005 maps in storage, and, we view this as a golden opportunity to contribute to the expansion of horizons for thousands of young Kentuckians," said Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert. "When a child becomes familiar with names and places and the various routes that connect them, that child’s curiosity can grow into a thirst for more knowledge about Kentucky."

Gene Wilhoit, commissioner of the Department of Education, thanked the Transportation Cabinet for choosing to make these maps available to elementary school students. "Frankly, we are pleased that, when the Transportation Cabinet realized they had surplus highway maps at the end of the calendar year, their first thought was to use them to support education! Having readily accessible maps for so many children will lead them in the right direction to make many new discoveries in life."

When the determination was made that there was a large supply of surplus maps, Secretary Nighbert contacted Education Cabinet officials, who, in turn, invited school principals and teachers to e-mail their requests for maps to the Transportation Cabinet.

"This is a shining example of how various agencies of state government can work together to improve student achievement," added Education Cabinet Secretary Virginia Fox. "In fact, this project is consistent with two very important themes in Governor Fletcher’s overall vision for the Commonwealth, to advance education and to foster a cooperative spirit in state government. The Transportation Cabinet’s maps initiative promotes the Governor’s vision with Unbridled Spirit!"

Commissioner of Tourism Randy Fiveash sees this project as a potential long range boon to tourism in the state. "These maps will be great learning tools for the students," said Commissioner Fiveash. "There will also be the added benefit of the maps becoming tourism tools, which will show the students and their families the numerous potential vacation opportunities available in Kentucky. We also want to commend Secretary Nighbert and the Transportation Cabinet for their decision to provide Kentucky maps to Kentucky schools."

Transportation Cabinet representatives from the Central Office in Frankfort and from district offices all around the state fanned out across Kentucky to begin delivery of the maps. To date, the Cabinet has received e-mail map requests from teachers, principals and superintendents from every area of the Commonwealth. In District 10, schools from all 10 counties requested maps.


Alma Turner, secretary at Highland-Turner Elementary School, displayed one of the maps presented to the school by the Transportation Cabinet.

Linda Bush, attendance clerk at LBJ Elementary School, and Patrick Wooton, assistant principal, displayed one of the maps presented to the school by the Transportation Cabinet.

Teresa Turner, secretary at Marie Roberts-Caney Elementary School, second from left, and students Mary Hughes, left, Vicey Combs and Nikki Baker displayed one of the maps presented to the school by the Transportation Cabinet.

Carl McIntosh, principal of Rousseau Elementary School, and student Beth Griffin displayed one of the maps presented to the school by the Transportation Cabinet.