Department of Highways, District 10
Traffic pattern changes planned for KY 15-KY 267 intersection in Perry County

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, October 21, 2009  
Contact Information:  H. B. Elkins
Public Information Officer
Department of Highways, District 10
473 Highway 15 South, P.O. Box 621
Jackson, KY 41339

Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 21, changes will be made to the traffic patterns at the intersection of KY 15 and KY 267 near Bonnyman in Perry County.


With the paving of Safeway Road, which runs under the KY 15 bridge and connects to KY 267 on each end, all left turns at this intersection will be prohibited. This includes left turns from KY 15 in either direction to KY 267, as well as left turns from KY 267 to KY 15. The intersection will function similar to the new intersection of  KY 15 and KY 205 at Vancleve in Breathitt County.


KY 15 motorists traveling in either direction wishing to turn onto KY 267 will be required to turn right, then will be able to use Safeway Road to reach the direction of KY 267 formerly accessed via a left turn from KY 15.


Similarly, KY 267 traffic wishing to turn left onto KY 15 will be required to use Safeway Road under the bridge, then access KY 15 north or south by making a right turn at the end of the ramp.


Through KY 267 traffic will also be required to use Safeway Road under the KY 15 bridge. Traffic continuing to KY 15 will be required to turn right onto that highway.


These changes are being undertaken in an attempt to reduce the number of traffic accidents at this intersection. Since 2000, the Kentucky State Police crash database shows there have been 109 accidents in this area, including 42 injury accidents. These wrecks have resulted in one fatality and 86 injuries.


Signs will be posted noting the prohibition of left turns, as well as providing guidance to each direction of the affected highways.