Department of Highways, District 10
PHOTO PRESS RELEASE: 70 mph speed limit sign installation on Mountain Parkway

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, July 10, 2007  
Contact Information:  Contact: H. B. Elkins
Public Information Officer
Department of Highways, District 10
473 Highway 15 South, P.O. Box 621
Jackson, KY 41339

Members of the Kentucky Department of Highways District 10 traffic crew made the state's changeover to a 70 mph speed limit official when they changed signs, including this one on the Mountain Parkway in Powell County, from the old 65 mph limit to the new 70 mph limit on Tuesday morning. The Mountain Parkway between Interstate 64 to Exit 43 in Clark, Powell and Wolfe counties now has the new, higher speed limit. The District 10 crew spent the day in Clark, Powell and Wolfe counties, changing signage to reflect the new limit.