Department of Highways, District 10
Transportation Cabinet Donates Surplus Road Maps to Roy G. Eversole Middle School in Hazard

Press Release Date:  Thursday, April 19, 2007  
Contact Information:  H.B. ELKINS
(606) 666-8841

JACKSON, KY (April 19, 2007) – The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is distributing Kentucky highway maps to middle schools all across the Commonwealth. The maps will be used for geography, math, and social studies classes, as well as for reference materials in school libraries.


H.B. Elkins, public information officer for the Department of Highways District 10, visited Roy G. Eversole Middle School in Hazard on Thursday, April 19, to distribute the requested surplus road maps. Teachers Sherry Martin and Ruth Ann Herrington accepted the donation on behalf of the school.


“We had excess highway maps in storage and we think this is a golden opportunity for our school children,” said Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert. “When children become familiar with names and places on a map and see how various routes connect different locations, that knowledge can encourage them to learn more about Kentucky’s geography, history, and other facts.”


“This is an excellent way for the Transportation Cabinet to contribute to the expansion of horizons for thousands of young Kentuckians,” said Linda Wagner-Justice, chief district engineer for District 10, which includes Perry County and the city of Hazard. “We are pleased to be involved in a project that will provide additional learning tools for students in the Hazard Independent school district.”


When the determination was made that there was a large supply of surplus maps, the Transportation Cabinet contacted Education Cabinet officials, who, in turn, invited middle school principals and teachers to submit their requests for highway maps. 


The two Cabinets joined forces in a similar project last year, which involved the distribution of maps to elementary schools. “Our successful partnership with the Transportation Cabinet is a shining example of how various agencies of state government can work together to improve student achievement,” noted Education Cabinet Secretary Laura Emberton Owens. “This collaborative effort has produced a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone.”


“This generous offer from the Transportation Cabinet will provide valuable resources to Kentucky’s middle school students,” said Kentucky Interim Education Commissioner Kevin Noland. “Teachers will find many uses for the maps, and students will gain practical knowledge from a reliable, well-produced reference tool.”


Transportation Cabinet representatives from the Central Office in Frankfort and from each district office will be involved in delivering the maps to middle schools. To date, more than 300 map requests have been received from teachers, principals, and superintendents in every area of the Commonwealth.


“This project is consistent with two very important themes in Governor Fletcher’s overall vision for the Commonwealth,” concluded Transportation Cabinet Deputy Secretary Crystal Ducker.  “It advances education and fosters a cooperative spirit among various state government agencies. The Transportation Cabinet’s maps initiative promotes the governor’s vision with Unbridled Spirit!




Sherry Martin and Ruth Ann Herrington, teachers at Roy G. Eversole Middle School in Hazard, displayed one of the surplus road maps donated to the school by the Transportation Cabinet. For the second consecutive year, the Cabinet donated its leftover road maps to Kentucky schools for use in the classroom. Mendy Meehan, also a teacher at Roy G. Eversole, also requested maps for use in her classes but was unable to be present for the photo.