Department of Highways, District 10
New Kentucky Official Highway Map Is Ready To ?Hit The Road’

Press Release Date:  Thursday, April 13, 2006  
Contact Information:  DOUG HOGAN
(502) 564-3419

FRANKFORT, KY (April 13, 2006) – The 2006 Official Highway Map for Kentucky is now on its way to welcome centers and rest areas all across the Commonwealth, including the Junior Williamson Rest Area at Slade, off the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway at Exit 33 in Powell County. The 2006 edition is being made available in time for the spring/summer vacation season and beckons travelers to explore a multitude of attractions throughout Kentucky.

"The 2006 official highway map is attractive, easy to read and invites tourists to sample the ‘Unbridled Spirit’ of the entire Commonwealth," said Governor Ernie Fletcher. "This quality map will help lead travelers to many great destinations in Kentucky."

This year’s map was a cooperative effort involving the Transportation Cabinet and the Commerce Cabinet. "The goal was to offer a map which would do more than just assist travelers in finding a route," said Secretary of Commerce George Ward. "We wanted to offer a map which would help people choose a getaway destination."

"Kentucky is filled with countless national treasures, blessed with an irresistibly diverse landscape, and populated by the most genuinely hospitable people in the world," said Commissioner of Tourism Randy Fiveash. "The 2006 highway map says to the reader: ‘Welcome to Kentucky! You won’t find one ultimate destination here. You’ll find several!’"

In addition to the inclusion of many items related to tourism in Kentucky, more space was allotted for safety-related messages on the 2006 map. Drive Smart messages included on the 2006 map include "Safety Belt Myths and Facts" as well as information on Kentucky’s "Saved by the Belt" awards program, child safety seats and current Kentucky traffic laws.

"This administration has an unwavering commitment to do everything we can to reduce fatalities and injuries on Kentucky highways," said Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert. "We want Kentuckians and out-of-state visitors alike to be mindful of all the precautions each individual can take to make travel in Kentucky a pleasant and tragedy-free experience."

The new map includes all of the essential features of previous maps while using a slightly smaller space. "Paper costs have been skyrocketing," said Daryl Greer, director of the Division of Planning for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. "Our cartographers were very successful in maintaining the readability of this map while reducing the overall size."

The size reduction, coupled with the use of recycled paper and the first-time support of a corporate sponsor for the state highway map, resulted in a significantly lower cost for the 2006 edition.

"We’re very pleased that we were able to save the taxpayers money and still produce a quality product," concluded Secretary Nighbert.

The 2006 Official Highway Map for Kentucky will be available at locations throughout the state, including the Slade rest area, by the end of next week.