Kentucky Department of Highways District One
Traffic Changes on U.S. 45/N. 8th Street in Paducah

Press Release Date:  Friday, November 04, 2005  
Contact Information:  Keith Todd
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Highway Department Makes Traffic Changes

On U.S. 45/North 8th Street

New Pedestrian Crossings & Parking Restrictions to Improve Safety


Paducah, KY – (November 3, 2005)  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Department of Highways is completing work on new pedestrian crosswalks and parking restrictions in the 800 and 900 block of U.S. 45 (North 8th Street) on Paducah’s North side near Anderson Court Apartments.  The changes came out of a traffic study of the area following the death of a child at the site in May.

Traffic Engineers from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Department of Highways District One reviewed police reports and conducted a comprehensive review of the site in cooperation with the City of Paducah, the Paducah Housing Authority, and Paducah Police Department.

The detailed assessment by traffic engineers covered all crashes reported in the area since January of 2002.

In a summary of the study addressed to the city, Chief District Engineer Ted Merryman noted that, “…we cannot determine a crash pattern, so we can’t really say any safety improvements are needed.  However, in an effort to address the concerns of local residents and to better define the appropriate pedestrian crossing locations, we recommend that crosswalks be installed at Boyd Street, Harris Street, and Campbell Street contingent upon other improvements.”

Specific changes recommended and being implemented include:


Boyd Street

Crosswalks across all four approaches to the intersection with parking prohibited within 100 ft. of the 8th Street Intersection, and installation of appropriate pedestrian signs.


Harris Street

Crosswalks on all three approaches with parking prohibited within 100 ft. of the 8th Street Intersection with ramps installed at corners, and installation of appropriate pedestrian signs.


Campbell Street

Crosswalks with parking prohibited within 100 ft. of the 8th Street Intersection and installation of appropriate pedestrian signs.


            In addition to the specific recommended changes, Merryman noted that an extensive speed study of the area determined that speeding was not indicated as a problem.  Investigators did not list speed as a factor in the death of a five year old youngster who ran into the side of a trailer while crossing the street at the site May 12th.

            “The study found a few right angle collisions at the Boyd Street intersection.  Our review of other crash reports in the area does not show speed as a contributing factor.  This included a review of all police reported crashes in that area for the last three years.  Our on-site study also indicated that speeding did not appear to be an issue in the area,” Merryman said.

            Merryman noted that a roadway that carries a state primary route through a city functions as both a state highway and a city street and requires a cooperative effort by both the city and state officials when changes are made.

“We work with our city partners, in this case the City of Paducah, to address any problems that come to our attention.  The Kentucky Department of Highways is primarily responsible for the roadway from curb to curb.  The city becomes responsible for the roadside such as sidewalks,” Merryman said.  We have worked with the city on numerous problems on other city streets and successfully found solutions in those instances.  After careful study, we’ve determined that the amount of pedestrian traffic in the two block area makes additional signage and the addition of new crosswalks appropriate.”

Approximately 5,000 vehicles a day travel U.S. 45/North 8th Street in the area near Anderson Court.