Department of Highways District One
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Installs New LED Signs On U.S. 60 Rosebud Hill in Crittenden County

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, August 16, 2005  
Contact Information:  Media Contact: Keith Todd
Public Information Officer
(270) 898-2431 Ext. 233

       Paducah, KY (August 16, 2005) – Traffic Engineers from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Department of Highways have installed new LED (light emitting diode) warning lights on U.S. 60 along Rosebud Hill.  Northbound, there is a warning sign at the top of the hill near the 18 mile marker.  Southbound, there is a sign near the 19.5 mile point.

            According to Kentucky Department of Highways Chief District Engineer Ted Merryman, this is the first use of the LED enhanced lights in District One.

                “We’re installing LED enhanced signs that are designed to really grab your attention.   We believe the placement of these signs will be a reminder to drivers that they should obey the speed limit through this area which will make U.S. 60 safer for everyone who travels it,” Merryman said.

            The new solar powered LED lighted signs are designed to increase driver awareness of the hill and curve. 

             A review of data from police reports along about a six mile section of U.S. 60 from KY 365 to the Tradewater River found a total of 45 crashes, including 22 injuries and two fatalities over a three year period.  However, the reports did not indicate a particular point along the hill with an unusually high crash rate.

            “Our traffic people concluded that the use of these news signs was appropriate to get motorists to slow down through this section of Rosebud Hill,” Merryman said.

            The LED enhanced signs automatically adjust brightness for better day or nighttime visibility.  Merryman says until they get into widespread use he expects their unusual look to get the attention of motorists.

            “These new LED enhanced signs have recently been approved in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the federal standard for traffic signs and signals.  In District Two we’ve used LED enhanced signs to improve safety at a mid-block pedestrian crossing in Owensboro, at the intersection of U.S. 60 and KY 109 in Sullivan and at the U.S. 641 curve on the north side of Fredonia.  We’re very pleased with the results at those locations,” Merryman said.

            About 2,000 vehicles per day travel U.S. 60 between the 17 and 23 mile marker in northern Crittenden County between Marion and Sturgis.