District One
Highway Engineers to Accelerate Turn Lane Project for KY 998/Olivet Church Road

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, March 30, 2005  
Contact Information:  Keith Todd
Public Information Officer
(270) 898-2431 Ext. 233

           Paducah, Kentucky — Engineers for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Department of Highways are cooperating with the Paducah City Engineering Department to accelerate design work for a turn lane on KY 998/Olivet Church Road at the rear entrance to the Kentucky Oaks Mall.  The project is being put on a fast track to aid anticipated traffic flow following completion of a new railroad bridge and widening of Olivet Church Road from the James-Sanders Boulevard intersection to KY 305/Old Cairo Road near Interstate 24 Exit 3.

            According to District One Transportation Engineer Branch Manager for Pre-Construction Tim Choate, traffic traveling southbound off the new railroad bridge would have to transition from a widened 5-lane with a center turn lane back into the existing two-lane roadway before reaching the rear entrance of the mall.   By working out an inter-agency agreement, Olivet Church Road can be widened to provide a turn lane into the rear of the mall area.

            “We recognize the need for a turn lane at the intersection of Olivet Church Road and James-Sanders Boulevard for the safety of vehicles turning into what is expected to become a major gateway to the mall area for southbound traffic from Interstate 24,” Choate said.

Choate says the project is approximately 1,000 feet long and will create a left turn lane for southbound traffic on Olivet Church Road to improve safety and relieve congestion at the site.  The transition back to the existing roadway will extend about 300 feet south of the existing intersection.

            “By cooperating with the City of Paducah and allowing the city to complete the design work, we can greatly speed the design and construction process,” Choate said.

            Cost of the lane extension is estimated at about $400,000.  That includes $50,000 for widening and modifying a railroad crossing included in the extension.

            The project will include two 11-foot lanes with a 12-foot 2-way turn lane with 5-foot shoulders.  Work on the bridge and other improvements should be completed by July 1, 2005.  Allowing the city to design the project will expedite work on the extension so a new turn lane could be completed by fall.

            More than 3300 vehicles per day travel the section of Olivet Church Road near the rear entrance to the mall area.