District One
Drive Smart Kentucky-School is Back in Session

Press Release Date:  Thursday, August 04, 2005  
Contact Information:  Keith Todd, PIO
Department of Highways
District One and Two

Madisonville, KY – The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Drive Smart Program want to remind motorists to be alert as more than 650,000 Kentucky students and almost 41,000 Kentucky teachers head back to school. 


“With the new school year approaching, I am urging drivers to take all precautions to ensure safety for ourselves, the community and for our children. I am committed to increasing awareness to enhance safety on our roads. Please Drive Smart,” said Acting Secretary Bill Nighbert.


In the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Department of Highways District Two which covers 12 counties there are approximately 74 public and private schools. Motorists need to be aware of the thousands of students, school buses and parents traveling during their commute to and from school.



 The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants to provide important tips and reminders to drivers:


·         Allow yourself enough time to get to school or to work.  Leave earlier to avoid the temptation “to speed” to get to your destination on time.


·         When entering a school zone, obey all of the signs.  Know that the flashing yellow lights are there to remind you that you need to reduce your speed.  Fines for speeding in a school zone when lights are flashing may be doubled.


·         Pay extra attention at crosswalks.  Take an extra look to be sure that no students are crossing.


·         Be alert for safety patrol volunteers and officers in your school zone.  They are there to make the drop-offs and pick-ups run smoother.


·         When you approach a school bus picking up a child Kentucky law requires you to stop.  When the flashing lights come on and the red stop sign extends that means STOP. 


·         When you are on a 4 or five lane highway and you are approaching a bus that is coming to a stop to pick up a child, motorists that are in the same two lanes as the bus must stop.  Vehicle in the opposing lanes may continue. 


·         Motorists must take extra precautions at bus stops even after the bus completes its stop.  Remain alert for children who might run out into the roadway.


·         Make sure that your child is in their safety seat or restrained properly when you are taking them to school.


“The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Drive Smart Program wants to educate and remind drivers of their responsibilities behind the wheel to ensure that everyone gets home to their families and that we have a safe 2005-2006 school year on our roadways,” said Dan Barnett, Director of Driver Safety.


For more information about the Drive Smart Program log on to www.drivesmart.ky.gov/