District One

Press Release Date:  Friday, September 23, 2005  
Contact Information:  Keith Todd
(270) 898-2431 ext. 233

         PADUCAH, KY  – Each year during “scrub week” Kentucky Adopt-A-Highway volunteer crews spread out across the state to clear Kentucky roadsides of litter.  From time to time they discover something other than litter.

This year a Lyon County man is getting his wallet containing $60 cash and his driver’s license returned thanks to two District One Department of Highways employees.

Personnel from the District One Headquarters in Reidland spent about an hour clearing litter along a two-mile section of U.S. 62/68 in Reidland Thursday.  Pam Baker and Ellen Joiner found a wallet containing $60 cash, a driver’s license and other personal items.

District One Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator Debbie Brannon says sometimes you never know what you’ll find along the roadway.

“Most of the time you just find litter such as sandwich bags and soft drink bottles.  Occasionally our volunteers will report something out of the ordinary,” Brannon said.  “The wallet contained a driver’s license that allowed us to turn the wallet over to the Lyon County Sheriff so it could be returned to the owner.”

Brannon is encouraged that the area covered by the district one office staff produced significantly less trash than it did during spring scrub week.

At this time about 644 miles or approximately 23 percent of the 2800 miles of roadway in the 12 District One counties have been adopted by 75 participating organizations.  Brannon says more than 1,312 groups participate in Kentucky's program, cleaning approximately 8,327 miles annually.

“The program increases public environmental awareness, reduces littering, expands tourism, creates a partnership between citizens, community and government, and establishes a sense of pride.  We really appreciate each of the 75 participating organizations in district one,”
Brannon said.  “We would welcome any groups who would like to adopt a two-mile section of highway in their home county.”

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet began the Adopt-A-Highway Program in 1988 to raise environmental awareness and discourage littering.  Over the past 17 years, Adopt-A-Highway has become a successful educational tool.  Participating groups demonstrate the importance of a clean environment by spreading the word and setting the example that littering is unacceptable behavior.

Each year, the Transportation Cabinet’s highway workers spend approximately 200,000 hours removing litter from Kentucky’s roadways, collecting over 96,000 bags of litter. The total yearly cost of litter removal averages $4 - 5 million.

Litter pickups are held at least four times per year or as many times as necessary to keep the area reasonably litter free. The Cabinet coordinates three annual clean-up efforts throughout the year.

Groups interested in becoming members of the Adopt-A-Highway Program can find specific details and District Coordinator information at http://adopt-a-highway.ky.gov/.  Safety guidelines are provided to volunteers and should be reviewed prior to each cleanup.

For more information, please visit our Website at www.transportation.ky.gov and follow the links to Adopt-a-Highway or contact Debbie Brannon at debbie.brannon@ky.gov or by calling the District One Office in Paducah at 270-898-2431.