Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement
Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement Promotes First Female to Rank of Captain

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, August 02, 2006  
Contact Information:  Bobby Clue
Information Officer

KVE Captain Mary Smalley(Frankfort, KY) – Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement (KVE) recently promoted Mary E. Smalley to the rank of Captain after 27 years of service and is now the first and only female to hold that position with KVE.

Captain Smalley began her career with KVE in October, 1979 as a Motor Transport Inspector Trainee.

“Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement has changed dramatically since I began in 1979,” said Captain Smalley. “When I first began, training was below standard, equipment was limited and we were a very small agency with little accountability. Now, we have training that is equal or above other agencies, dramatically improved equipment and a professional image that holds our agency much more accountable.”

Captain Smalley was only the third female officer to ever be hired by KVE, and of the two before her, she is the only one who decided to make it a career. Before coming to KVE, Mary worked as Food Stamp Case Worker for Human Resources.

Captain Smalley became interested in law enforcement when she was 16 years old while working at a restaurant on the interstate in Bullitt County.

“It was a popular place for police officers to eat, and the conversation and excitement that surrounded the officers intrigued my interest in the profession,” said Smalley.

During her tenure with KVE, Mary has worked in different regional areas across Kentucky. Captain Smalley is also in charge of Kentucky Vehicle Enforcements Internal Affairs Section which monitors all complaint and in investigative activity. She has also been recently appointed to the Kentucky Emergency Response Commission.

KVE Commissioner Greg Howard says “It is an honor to promote someone that has dedicated her life to public service, integrity and the law enforcement profession. Captain Smalley will be
our first female promoted to the rank of Captain and she is an excellent choice for our Department.”

Captain Smalley says there are several accomplishments she feels she has made so far in her tenure with KVE. Among those are being promoted to Sergeant in 2000, promoted to Lieutenant in 2002 and now Captain. She also feels that through the years she has been considered “one of the guys” and not singled out because she was a female but accepted because of her abilities to perform her job duties.

Mary has a degree from Eastern Kentucky University / Associate and Bachelors in Law Enforcement. She has been married to Charlie Smalley for 23 years. Charlie is a retired trooper from Kentucky State Police. Mary has two step children, and has lived in Bullitt County all of her life.