Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement
KVE Puts Its Foot Down On Faulty Brake Systems

Press Release Date:  Thursday, August 23, 2007  
Contact Information:  Bobby Clue
Information Officer

Road Safety Week LogoFrankfort, Ky. – We all know that when we put our foot down on a vehicle’s brake, it slows it down to a stop.  Brakes are arguably the most critical operating system in vehicle safety, and yet are all too often taken for granted until something bad happens.

Beginning August 26 and continuing through September 1, Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement (KVE) will be participating in a national program to promote commercial vehicle brake safety across North America.  The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will carry out a comprehensive program to promote commercial vehicle brake safety across North America.  Throughout Brake Safety Week, Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement will conduct a variety of enforcement activities emphasizing the importance of proper commercial vehicle and automobile brake inspection, maintenance and operation.

“More than three million roadside commercial vehicle inspections are conducted annually throughout North America, and by far brakes make up the largest percentage of Out-of-Service Violations cited during these inspections,” said KVE Commissioner Greg Howard. “In order to encourage that more attention is being paid to this problem, Brake Safety Week focuses on both enforcement and education activities designed to enhance the safe operation of commercial vehicles.”

Brakes enable the vehicle to stop and are vital to its safe operation. They are complicated and contain many parts, all of which need constant inspection and attention to ensure proper operation and performance. There is much evidence that points to brakes continuing to be a significant safety concern.

Results from a number of National Transportation Safety Board investigations into high-profile commercial vehicle crashes have revealed problems associated with brake operation, inspection and/or maintenance.
Results from the recent Large Truck Crash Causation Study, sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation, indicated that brake problems were present at the time of the crash in 29.4 percent of the cases.
Brakes comprised the largest percentage, 56.6 percent, of vehicle Out-of-Service Violations cited in roadside inspections conducted during Roadcheck 2007. 
Nearly nine percent of all brakes equipped with manual slack adjusters and four percent of all brakes equipped with automatic slack adjusters are placed out of service. 
The primary mission of Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement is to encourage and promote a safe driving environment through education and safety awareness while enforcing State and Federal laws and regulations, placing special emphasis on commercial vehicles. This mission is achieved through a combined effort of uniformed officers, special operations officers, canine officers and inspectors who work cooperatively with the Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) industry, other state and local agencies and Kentucky's citizens. Our main objective is to ensure that the motoring public is safe and that CMV's are in compliance with both state and federal laws.