Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement
Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement answering the call for assistance in wake of Hurricane Katrina

Press Release Date:  Friday, September 02, 2005  
Contact Information:  Bobby Clue
Information Officer

Frankfort, KY: Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence announced today dozens of employees in the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet will depart for the hurricane-ravaged areas in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast. KSP troopers, KVE officers, and DOC officers will aid in the search and recovery effort following the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina.
"This hurricane has already claimed hundreds of lives and ripped thousands of livelihoods to shreds. Our prayers are with the victims and survivors," said Lieutenant Governor Pence, who also serves as secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. "I am proud that Kentucky law enforcement officers are willing to leave their families to help those in need."

Hurricane Katrina began its sweep through the Gulf Coast region Sunday, affecting cities and communities from New Orleans to Pensacola, Florida. The death toll from the hurricane is expected to be in the hundreds, if not thousands.

Approximately 10 KVE officers will depart for the mission as soon as possible and will remain in the region for two weeks with the option of extending or rotating the units. Those troopers participating will be sworn in as Louisiana State Troopers. KSP has been coordinating with the Louisiana State Police to mobilize the Kentucky units. KSP troopers may also be assisting in Mississippi. The correctional officers will be assisting with the emergency correctional operations in Louisiana.

Furthermore, Department of Corrections Commissioner John D. Rees has requested that the 13 state prisons check warehouse inventory and donate excess items for the relief effort, as due to Hurricane Katrina there are several hundred displaced inmates from the Jefferson and Orleans parishes in Louisiana. Multiple trucks from DOC will be sent to Louisiana carrying clothing, supplies, food, and bottled water.

"Our law enforcement officers are the true heroes of Kentucky," added Lieutenant Governor Pence. "I have every confidence these brave men and women will make a significant contribution to the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina victims."