Kentucky Horse Park
MEDIA ALERT: Special Oxen Teams Arrive for History Heritage Days - Media Op

Press Release Date:  Monday, November 07, 2011  
Contact Information:  Cindy Rullman, 859-259-4209,  

WHO:  Eight teams of working oxen from Maine

WHAT:  Demonstrations using oxen for a variety of activities for the public and RFD-TV

WHEN:  History Heritage Days, Nov 9-12;  special media op Tues, Nov 8, 1pm

WHERE:  Kentucky Horse Park

WHY:  The oxen are expected to arrive from Maine on Monday.  On Tuesday, Nov 8 at 1pm, there will be good photo/video/media ops as the oxen will be hitched and going through some practice exercises in preparation for the History Heritage Days events. 

During History Heritage Days, the oxen will be showcased pulling trolleys, plowing, pulling carts and log haulers. It's a unique opportunity to see the oxen up close, speak to the handlers and learn how farming and logging was accomplished before the days of mechanization.  The highlight of the event will be the hitching of all eight teams to the antique log hauler from the early 1900s. There will activities to interest every age group and plenty of time to visit with the oxen as they perform and as they are stabled in the Big Barn alongside the horses.

HOW:  Media should park in the main Visitor Parking Lot and come through the Visitor Center to the Dressage Complex in back.  For more information, see the press release.  Watch a video of their arrival at the park Nov 7:  See the press release:


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