Kentucky Horse Park

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, April 21, 2010  
Contact Information:  Christian Koby, Director

Cindy Rullman, Kentucky Horse Park
859-259-4209 ext 209

LOS ANGELES (April 21, 2010) Open Sky Entertainment, in cooperation with Launchpad Releasing, is rolling out their new documentary film entitled "JOHN HENRY: A STEEL DRIVING RACEHORSE." 

The film about one of the most successful and beloved horses in U.S. horseracing history will make its theatrical debut on May 2nd at the Kentucky Horse Park.  The film will simultaneously be available to purchase on DVD at the film's official Web site, as well as several other, major online retailers and retail chains to be announced.

There will be two shows in the theatre at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, one at 6pm and one 8pm on Sunday, May 2.  There will be special DVD give-aways at both shows.  Space is limited so the public is encouraged to immediately reserve tickets at

About the film:

Open Sky producers Glenn Garland and Christopher Duddy describe their documentary as "a great American hero rags-to-riches story with great inspiration for all generations."  The film is directed by Cameron Duddy and Christian Koby, both noted music video directors.  Rebecca Gebhard served as producer.  Max Eisenberg ("A CALL TO REMEMBER," "BEVERLY HILLS 90210," "HOME IMPROVEMENT") is both a writer and producer.

John Henry lived from March 9, 1975 - October 8, 2007, which made him more than 100-years-old (in equivalent horse years).  He earned more than $6.5 million during his racing years, between 1977 and 1984.  He was the winner of 30 stakes races, was voted "Horse of the Year" in both 1981 and 1984, and was even included in 1984's "People Magazine's Top People" roundup story.

The John Henry film chronicles the life and legacy of this remarkable animal and includes interviews with celebrities, dignitaries and other notables who knew him or won big money from his successes, as well as interviews with the famous jockeys who rode him, including Chris McCarron and Laffit Pincay Jr.

About his goals for the film, Producer Chris Duddy says:  "We are very excited to share the story of this legendary racehorse and the life and times of this true American hero.  We hope this film will inspire all generations with its timeless, true rags-to-riches American story.  I think not only the racehorse fan, but all Americans who have a dream should see this inspirational film."