Kentucky Horse Park

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, January 11, 2006  
Contact Information:  Cindy Rullman, 859-259-4209 ext 209,  

          LEXINGTON, KY (January 11, 2006) Picture this: your horse is stiff and achy.  He’s been under a lot of stress and it’s taking a toll on him physically and emotionally.  He has knots in his neck and back muscles and he is tense all over.  He may even have stomach ulcers.  If you’re thinking “Yes, and I can say the same thing about myself,” help is on the way.

          The Kentucky Horse Park is the site for Massage Therapy for Horses, February 13-24, conducted by the Lexington Healing Arts Academy. 

          John Nicholson, Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse Park observed, “As eccentric and outrageous as the subject of ‘horse massage’ may at first sound, there are actually very practical, important reasons for this subject to be taught.  A horse can suffer similar pains, strains, sore muscles, cramps and muscle fatigue that people experience.  These issues can become much more than a simple distraction or inconvenience.  Not only can they affect his quality of life, but they can also have a detrimental affect on his career – which can ultimately become a matter of life or death.” 

          He continued, “Any time a horse is suffering and we have the ability to relieve that suffering, I believe we have an obligation to do so.  Equine Massage Therapy is one more tool in the arsenal to fight premature retirement of the sport horse, bring relief to a hurting pet or possibly save its life.  That’s why we are pleased to be the host site for this class through our Education Department.” 

          According to the Lexington Healing Arts Academy, “The benefits of equine massage therapy include promoting the general wellness and relaxation of the horse, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing alertness and responsiveness, improving muscle tone and flexibility, warming and loosening the joints, and preventing stiffness, spasms and soreness.  It also reduces recovery time from skeletal and muscular trauma, relieves discomfort and increases the blood and lymph circulation.”

          For more information on the Massage Therapy for Horses class, call 859-252-5656 or click on  For more information on the equine education courses offered by the Education Department at the Kentucky Horse Park, click on

          Hours and Rates: The Kentucky Horse Park is open November 1- March 14, admission is $9 for adults, $6 for children 7-12.  Children six and under are always admitted free of charge.  Winter hours are 9 am until 5 pm Wednesday through Sunday. Admission includes the American Saddlebred Museum. 


          The Kentucky Horse Park is a working horse farm/theme park and equine competition facility dedicated to man’s relationship with the horse.  The park is an agency of the Kentucky Commerce Cabinet that hosted more than 900,000 visitors and 15,000 competition horses in 80 special events and horse shows in 2004.  The park is located at Exit 120, Interstate 75, just north of Lexington.  The place to get close to horses, the park is open daily March 15 to October 31, and Wednesday through Sunday, November 1 to March 14.