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Kentucky Board of Nursing Jurisprudence Examination

Press Release Date:  Thursday, April 07, 2011  
Contact Information:  Charlotte F. Beason Ed.D., RN
Executive Director
Kentucky Board of Nursing
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Louisville, KY 40222
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Signed by Governor on March 15 
Implementation Date – June 8, 2011

House Bill 442 passed the General Assembly and was signed into law by the Governor.  It goes into effect on June 8th.  It eliminates the requirement of the clinical internship for licensure and replaces it with the completion of the jurisprudence exam.  Which requirements apply to a particular person is dependent on the date of the person’s application.  Those applications dated prior to June 8 will be required to complete the clinical internship since that is the law on the date they applied.  Those applications dated June 8 and after will have to meet the new requirements in effect on that date; that is, the jurisprudence examination. 

Should it become impossible for an applicant to complete the clinical internship, the Board has processes that would enable the applicant to (1) apply to KBN for an exemption attaching documentation regarding their inability to get a job; or (2) to apply to another state.

  • The Jurisprudence Examination covers – KY Nursing Laws and safe nursing practice
  • A course that covers the content of the examination will be on the KBN website and open to all who wish to review it.
  • KBN staff supplied the content for the Jurisprudence course and examination.  All questions are written by National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) item writers.
  • All applicants will pass the exam – it will not close until all questions are answered correctly. The goal is that all applicants acquire knowledge.
  • There will be 35 questions on the exam.
  • Examinees may print a certificate of completion if they so choose. However KBN will collect completion data from NCSBN.
  • References links will be embedded in the rationale for questions answered incorrectly.  Reference links will also be embedded in the course.
  • Applicants will have access to the exam for three weeks from the date of first "log-on." The exam will be hosted on the NCSBN platform
  • There will be a fee of $9 paid to NCSBN. KBN will neither collect nor receive any portion of the fee.
  • Access to the Jurisprudence Examination (and NCLEX) will be limited to those who have completed all applicable licensure requirements. 
  • NCLEX and the Jurisprudence examination may be completed in any order.

Questions should be emailed to KBN at