Office of Homeland Security
Kentucky Office of Homeland Security Awards Funding For Law Enforcement Training

Press Release Date:  Thursday, October 27, 2005  
Contact Information:  Jason Keller

FRANKFORT, Ky.: The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security announced today that it has provided a $36,224 grant to the state Office of Charitable Gaming for the purpose of conducting trainings for law enforcement to detect, investigate and prosecute money laundering. This training, which will benefit more than 100 local and state law enforcement officers, will take place at various regional training sites throughout the commonwealth.  

“When I served as U.S. Attorney, the terrorism related cases we prosecuted here in Kentucky all dealt with money laundering,” said Lt. Gov. Steve Pence. “These were serious cases that needed particular attention from law enforcement, and that is why this training will be so beneficial in our efforts to identify and prosecute people in this type of criminal enterprise.”  

Charitable gaming in Kentucky is a $600 million cash industry and the potential for money laundering is tremendous. The Office of Charitable Gaming is charged by law with the duty of preventing, detecting and prosecuting criminal diversion of charitable funds. Although the grant will be administered by the Office of Charitable Gaming, the training will be geared toward identifying and prosecuting all types of money laundering and cash diversion techniques which are regularly used by drug traffickers and other criminals. Law Enforcement officers and auditors from across the Commonwealth will join Charitable Gaming officers in the training. 

“As a former federal prosecutor, we were involved in a number of terrorism cases involving money laundering,” said Erwin Roberts, Secretary, Kentucky Personnel Cabinet. “Every effort we can make to give law enforcement the tools they need to go after money laundering will help reduce crime and put the perpetrators behind bars.”  

Mark Miller, Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police, added, “It is critical that we provide our state’s law enforcement with the specific training they need to go after white-collar criminals laundering money in the state. Drug traffickers also utilize money laundering techniques, and as a former prosecutor myself, I understand the need to use every asset available to fight this.”  

The grant funding provided to the Office of Charitable Gaming will provide regional trainings from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to local and state law enforcement for the purpose of training these police officers on the techniques of how to detect, investigate and prosecute this type of criminal activity. Additionally, a portion of the grant will also provide for the placement of mobile data computers in the hands of charitable gaming enforcement officers.   

“Our charitable gaming enforcement officers investigate and respond to money laundering and other criminal activity involving charitable gaming,” said LaJuana S. Wilcher, Secretary, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet. “By providing local and state law enforcement with this training, and up to date equipment for our officers, we will be better prepared to deal with this type of illegal activity.”  

“I know from first-hand experience how difficult it is for law enforcement to detect money laundering and other white-collar crimes,” said Alecia Webb-Edgington, Kentucky’s Director of Homeland Security. “By bringing this program into Kentucky, we are giving law enforcement throughout the state the training they need to go after this criminal activity.”



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