Office of Homeland Security
Law Enforcement Protection Program Grants Awarded

Press Release Date:  Thursday, February 25, 2010  
Contact Information:  Michael Embry

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 25, 2010) – Five local governments and a university  have been awarded Law Enforcement Protection Program (LEPP) grants totaling $33,284, Gov. Steve Beshear announced today.


Under the LEPP, administered by the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security (KOHS), appropriate agencies can seek financial help for certain defensive items essential in the course of their duties. 


The grants were awarded to:


  • Northern Kentucky University, $10,660, for patrol rifles;
  • City of Providence, $6,834, for tasers and cartridges;
  • City of Franklin, $4,500, for body armor;
  • City of Brandenburg, $4,337, for body armor, patrol rifles, and ammunition;
  • Crittenden County Fiscal Court, $3,000, for body armor; and
  • City of Cumberland, $3,952, for duty weapons.


In conjunction with the Kentucky State Police (KSP), KOHS derives income from sales of confiscated weapons.  KSP conducts periodic auctions – only to federally licensed firearms dealers – which generate dollars for the LEPP initiative. The KOHS then assesses needs, and after prioritization, provides whatever funds are available in the acquisition of body armor, weapons, ammunition and electronic or muscular disruption technical devices often referred to as Tasers.


“Although statewide appeals for financial support always exceed resources, we place the highest priority on personal safety of our law enforcement officers," Thomas L. Preston, KOHS executive director, said.


“Decisions about other aspects of this program are based on several factors including absolute need for monetary assistance combined with overall effectiveness in combating crime through our grants,” he explained.


LEPP support goes to police agencies of cities, counties, charter counties, unified counties, urban-counties and consolidated local governments, sheriff’s departments and public university police departments.