Governor's Office for Local Development
Governor Approves $1,231,844 in Recreational Trails Grants

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, May 14, 2008  
Contact Information:  Cindy Lanham

FRANKFORT, KY (May 14, 2008) –  Gov. Steve Beshear, in conjunction with the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) and the Recreational Trails Advisory Board, has announced the approval of 25 Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grants for a total allocation of $1,231,844. 

“I am pleased to approve these grants for projects which will continue to promote an active, outdoor lifestyle for families and individuals across the commonwealth,” said Gov. Beshear.  “The Recreational Trails Program is essential for maintaining and expanding our state’s existing network of trails that cater to such a variety of interests and ages.”    

The RTP is an assistance program funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  Kentucky’s RTP is administered by GOLD and requires that applicants match the amount of funds requested to receive a 50% reimbursement on approved projects.  Those eligible to apply are city and county governments, state and federal agencies, and non-profit organizations.

RTP grants may be used to provide assistance for acquisition of easements, development and/or maintenance of recreational trails and trailhead facilities for both motorized and non-motorized use.  Examples of trail uses include hiking, bicycling, in-line skating, equestrian use, off-road motorcycling and all-terrain vehicle riding. 

FY08 Applicants of RTP Grants Approved for Reimbursement Funding Include:

Applicant: General Butler State Resort Park
Project Title: Butler Lake Trail 
County: Carroll
RTP Grant: $25,000    

Applicant: City of Ravenna 
Project Title: Revenna Veteran’s Memorial Park
County:  Estill
RTP Grant: $20,000

Applicant:  City of Flemingsburg
Project Title:  Flemingsburg Reservoir Trail
County:  Fleming
RTP Grant: $43,524    

Applicant: Hancock Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: South Hancock/Roseville Walking Trail
County:  Hancock
RTP Grant: $26,276.50

Applicant: Harlan Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Park
County: Harlan
RTP Grant: $100,000

Applicant: Henry Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Henry Co. Cedar Lodge Trails
County:  Henry
RTP Grant: $50,000

Applicant: Jackson Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Flat Lick Falls Scenic and Recreational Area Trails
County: Jackson
RTP Grant: $100,000

Applicant: Louisville Metro Parks
Project Title: Metro Parks Natural Areas Div. Multi-Use Trail Enhancements
County: Jefferson
RTP Grant: $95,945

Applicant: City of Jeffersontown
Project Title: Historic Old Taylorsville Road Corridor of the J’town Gaslight Trail
County: Jefferson
RTP Grant: $75,000

Applicant: USDA Forest Service
Project Title: OHV Trail and Facility Maintenance – London Ranger District
County: Laurel
RTP Grant: $38,000

Applicant: Leslie Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Daniel Boone Trails Phase II
County: Leslie
RTP Grant: $20,000

Applicant: Lincoln Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: First Southern Veteran’s Park Recreational Trail
County: Lincoln
RTP Grant: $50,000

Applicant: Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission
Project Title: Cecil L. Gorley Naturalist Trail Rehab/Expansion
County: Marion
RTP Grant: $100,000

Applicant: Marshall Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Ruff Creek Rec. Trails Project
County: Marshall
RTP Grant: $15,000

Applicant: Roy F. Collier Community Center
Project Title: Kingfisher Nature and Fitness Trail Project
County: Martin
RTP Grant: $20,100

Applicant: Metcalfe Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Branstetter Park Rec. Trail
County: Metcalfe
RTP Grant: $16,000

Applicant: Nicholas Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Jockey Park Rec. Trail
County: Nicholas
RTP Grant: $45,000

Applicant: Ohio Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Ohio Co. Trails Expansion Project
County: Ohio
RTP Grant: $75,000

Applicant: City of Hartford
Project Title: Ellis Park Walk Trail Resurfacing
County: Ohio
RTP Grant: $8,500

Applicant: Owsley Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Buckhorn Multi-Use Trail Project
County: Owsley
RTP Grant: $61,286.50

Applicant: Pendleton Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Pendleton Co. Multi-Jurisdictional Nature Trail Development
County: Pendleton
RTP Grant: $38,267

Applicant: Pike Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Pike Co. ATV Trail Development
County: Pike
RTP Grant: $100,000

Applicant: Pulaski Co. Fiscal Court
Project Title: Pulaski Park, Shopville Park and White Lily Park Trail Projects
County: Pulaski
RTP Grant: $49,945

Applicant: Kentucky Horse Council
Project Title: Daniel Boone National Forest Trail Improvements
County: Rowan
RTP Grant: $9,000

Applicant: Land Between the Lakes
Project Title: Turkey Bay Trail System Creek Crossing and Improvements
County: Trigg
RTP Grant: $50,000