Governor's Office for Local Development
Governor Ernie Fletcher Awards ARC Funding for the Institute for Sub-Surface Exploration Workshop

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, June 06, 2006  
Contact Information:  Samantha Cook
Public Information Officer

        Governor Ernie Fletcher and the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) today announced a $25,000 Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grant for the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation.  Funds were used to support the Institute for Sub-Surface Exploration workshop.  GOLD Field Representative Amy Stroud was on-hand to present the check at the workshop.

            The Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation has partnered with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Ames Research Center located in California to support research and development related to the nation’s space exploration efforts.  This partnership was enabled due to Kentucky’s experience and recognized expertise in mining, materials processing and geoscience.
            “The partnership between NASA and the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation places the commonwealth in the unique position to blaze new trails in the technological developments,” said Governor Fletcher. “This partnership will also be able to develop technologies that can be used in other fields, such as mine safety.”

The mission of the partnership is to advance the science, technology and processes needed for planetary sub-surface exploration access and development.  As a result, developments gained in the areas of mining and related technologies, such as sub-surface mapping and materials processing, could be applied to coal and other mining related machines.  These processes could have long-range benefits to the mining industry, including mine safety.

For Kentucky, this partnership has numerous potential outcomes including the creation of high paying jobs, new company start-ups, economic diversification and increased educational opportunities.    

            Governor Fletcher is the current ARC States’ Co-Chair.  As states’ co-chair, Governor Fletcher is responsible for representing the 13 ARC governors before Congress and the Bush Administration; serve as a member of various ARC committees; and provide guidance on policy and administrative issues concerning the commission. 

            ARC is a federal-state economic development program used to meet infrastructure needs as well as to support education, workforce development, leadership and civic capacity building, entrepreneurship, asset-based development and affordable and accessible health care. ARC is federally funded and available to Kentucky’s 51 most eastern and south-central counties. Applications for ARC funds are submitted to GOLD.