Governor's Office for Local Development
Governor Ernie Fletcher and the Governor’s Office for Local Development Announce Funding for Louisville

Press Release Date:  Thursday, June 23, 2005  
Contact Information:  Samantha Cook
Public Information Officer

           Governor Ernie Fletcher announced today $10,000 in Governor’s Office for Local

Development (GOLD) funds for the Louisville Metro Corrections Officers.  The funds will

be used to purchase approximately 30 body armor units. 

            Due to streamlining and efficiency efforts in GOLD, the office had an excess of monies in its general fund.  These funds can be allocated as gap funding for projects that may otherwise not be eligible for grant funding from GOLD administered programs, giving the money back to the community. 

            Currently, GOLD administers the Kentucky Body Armor Program, which is designed to provide body armor funds to law enforcement officers.  Under the Kentucky Body Armor Program, corrections officers are not eligible to receive body armor funds.  GOLD Commissioner Ellen Williams said that her office worked closely with Governor Fletcher to find a different avenue to provide funding.

            “It was clear that the Louisville Metro corrections officers needed assistance to provide better protection,” noted GOLD Commissioner Ellen Williams.  “Governor Fletcher felt strongly that another source for providing body armor to the corrections officers should be available.  These individuals are important to our criminal justice system and deserve the same security as others in their field.”

            "The current Kentucky Body Armor program guidelines do not allow awards to be given to corrections officers,” Councilman Kelly Downard said.  “I am pleased that Governor Fletcher and GOLD found an alternative method of funding this important cause.  It is only appropriate that our Louisville corrections officers, who work diligently to protect us, receive funds that provide additional safety and peace of mind."

            GOLD discretionary funds are given based on availability and administered by GOLD.