Governor's Office for Local Development
City of Edmonton awarded CEGG Funding

Press Release Date:  Monday, March 06, 2006  
Contact Information:  Samantha Cook
Public Information Officer

        Governor Ernie Fletcher and the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) today announced that the city of Edmonton will receive $350,000 in funding from the Community Economic Growth Grant (CEGG) program.

The fund, which was established during the 2005 General Assembly as HB 267, provides nearly $10 million in grant funds to be allocated during the 2005-2006 biennium. 

“The Community Economic Growth Grant exemplifies what is possible when the Executive Branch and the Legislature work in a bi-partisan manner,” said Governor Ernie Fletcher.  “The infusion of these funds will result in over $99 million in successful projects across the Commonwealth.”

The city of Edmonton requested funds to assist in providing a dedicated electrical transmission line and substation to serve the local industrial park and its tenants. East Kentucky Power Cooperative (Coop) and Farmers Rural Coop will construct and operate the facilities. 

The industrial park has experienced the normal brief power outages and fluctuations of current common in central Kentucky. However, many of today’s manufacturers need highly reliable and stable sources of electricity to operate complex technology and sensitive equipment beyond what is adequate for residential customers.

Senator Richie Sanders (R-Franklin) said, “Electrical fluctuations have caused stoppages in work at the two largest manufacturers in the area. These fluctuations or outages have cost thousands of dollars in time and production to industries.”

Representative James Comer, Jr. (R-Tompkinsville) said, “Without the electrical system upgrades to prevent these fluctuations, the industries and the community will not be competitive in the marketplace.  This will enable the city of Edmonton to retain its two largest employers, which account for 600 manufacturing jobs.  Additionally, the project will allow companies to upgrade and expand business to include higher technology manufacturing.”

CEGG is administered by the Governor’s Office for Local Development through the Kentucky Community Development Office (KCDO).  The goal of the program is to provide flexible funding to support and encourage the economic growth and viability of communities within the Commonwealth.

Counties, cities, special districts and school districts were eligible to apply for this year’s funding. Monies can be utilized for construction, acquisition of property, equipment purchase, industrial site development, infrastructure and capital improvement projects.