Governor's Office for Local Development

Press Release Date:  Monday, September 18, 2006  
Contact Information:  Samantha Cook
Public Information Officer

Governor Ernie Fletcher and the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) today announced 53 cemeteries across the Commonwealth are receiving Cemetery Preservation Fund grants for various activities.  Funding recipients were recognized at the Governor’s Local Issues Conference in Louisville.           

“The Cemetery Preservation Program has been vital to the conservation of Kentucky’s cemeteries for many years,” said Governor Fletcher.  “Through the efforts of this program and many dedicated community and local leaders, cemeteries across the state will be protected to be enjoyed by generations to come.”

The list of recipients is as follows:


County / Amount


Project Name


Anderson ($22,506.44)

City of Lawrenceburg

Lawrenceburg Cemetery

Resurface the existing roadways located in Lawrenceburg Cemetery

Bourbon ($6,002)

Bourbon County Cemetery Board/Bourbon County Fiscal Court

McConnell/Ardery Cemetery

Collection, documentation, cleaning, repair, conservation of gravestones, tree and stump removal, fence repair

Bourbon ($3,500)

Bourbon County Fiscal Court

Various Cemeteries

Collection, documentation, cleaning, repair, conservation of gravestones, tree and stump removal, gate and fence repair

Boyle ($12,070)

The Elements Enterprises Foundation, Inc.

Crow-Barbee House Slave Cemetery

Initial cleanup/landscaping, fencing, equipment, stone benches, signage, interior roads, tombstone repair, historical research

Breathitt ($23,863.44)

Breathitt County Fiscal Court

Clemons/Ritchie Cemetery

Grade, gravel and blacktop the road to the cemetery; construct a chain link fence around the cemetery

Breathitt ($2,500)

The Moore Cemetery Association, Inc.

Moore Cemetery at Altro

Fencing, signage, purchase of machinery, landscaping

Breckinridge ($3,355)

Breckinridge Fiscal Court

Fentress/Davis, Old Meador, John DeHaven #4, Dean DeHaven #4, Jennings and Frank DeJarnette Cemeteries

Supplies and equipment; fencing, posts, signage

Carroll ($5,436.41)

Maggie Clayton

English Cemetery Co., Inc.

Re-construct the two sections of the historic fence surrounding the English Cemetery

Christian ($4,958)

Campbell-Brashner Cemetery Association

Campbell Graveyard, Brashner Cemetery

Fencing, gate, driveway, signage, tombstone repair

Clinton ($7,700)

City of Albany

Albany Cemetery

Clean up, seeding area, clearing of brush, maintenance of some graves, resurface access roads

Daviess ($4,922)

St. Peter of Alcantara

Lancaster Cemetery

Cemetery boundary survey, fieldwork, records research

Estill ($14,000)

Estill County Fiscal Court

Oakdale Cemetery

Restoration of existing stones, installation of new gate

Fayette ($6,000)

Lexington History Museum, Inc.

Kizer Family Cemetery

Restoration of gravestones, landscape restoration, maintenance

Fleming ($10,000)

Fleming County Fiscal Court

Mt. Pigsah, Locust, Stockton, Smoot, McGregor, New Hope and Fitchie’s Chapel Cemetery

Purchase equipment and signs, clean-up, removal of trees, tombstone repair

Franklin ($5,000)

City of Frankfort

Green Hill Cemetery

Initial clean-up, archive the cemetery, monument lighting

Franklin ($2,500)

Kentucky Historical Society

Governor Thomas Bramlette Marker

Cleaning, preservation and restoration of Gov. Thomas Bramlette marker

Garrard ($10,552)

Garrard County Fiscal Court

Various Cemeteries

Tombstone resetting and repairs, repair of sunken graves

Grant ($1,500)

Grant County Preservation and Review Board

Lebanon Cemetery

Clean, reset and restore historical tombstones

Grayson ($10,868)

Grayson County Cemetery Board

Moorman Cemetery

Construct a perimeter fence

Green ($3,000)

Letha Johnson

Old Community Cemetery

Clear the property of overgrowth and fallen trees; Clean, repair and replace tombstones

Greenup ($7,015)

Greenup County Cemetery Preservation Board

Brown, Callihan, East Fork, Heaberlin, Howard #1, Lawhorn Spradlin, Nesbitt Herald, Palmer, Palmyra, Pennington, Prichard, Shelton and Young Cemeteries

Clean-up, fence installation, archive project, training sessions

Harlan ($9,100)

Harlan Revitalization Association, Inc.

Wix Howard, Ward and Sunshine Cemeteries

Clean tombstones and graves, clear brush, purchase masonry, mortar and concrete to repair tombstones

Hart ($23,863.44)

Kelly Harl

Old Green River “Union” Cemetery

Fencing, purchase of grave markers, archaeological survey to identify remains

Hart ($17,036)

Ronald Gonterman

Cub Run Community Cemetery

New road construction, site clean-up and tree removal, locate unmarked gravesites

Hopkins ($5,729)

City of Hanson

Hanson Cemetery

Pave cemetery road

Hopkins ($2,982)

City of Dawson Springs

Arcadia Cemetery

Initial clean-up, repair tombstones, install signage

Jackson ($23,860.44)

Jackson County Cemetery Board

Proffitt, Mullins, Faubus, and Sinking Valley Cemeteries

Replace tombstones, install flag and flagpole, construct fence

Jefferson ($9,310)

Salt River Baptist Church

Easley Family and Hebron Cemeteries

Reset and repair damaged headstones, install fencing, gates, signage

Kenton ($23,863.44)

Kenton County Fiscal Court

Linden Grove Cemetery

Replace deteriorated fencing around the cemetery’s perimeter

Laurel ($23,863.44)

City of London

Breastworks Hill Cemetery

Clean-up, fencing, equipment purchase, interior roads, tombstone repair/cleaning, boundary survey, historic research

Laurel ($2,100)

Warren Grove Cemetery, Inc.

Warren Grove Cemetery

Signage, clean-up, tombstone repair, tree removal

Lawrence ($23,673.44)

Lawrence County Fiscal Court

Various Cemeteries

Signage, fencing, road work

Leslie ($1,500)

Leslie County Cemetery Board

Lewis Cemetery

Signage, design and production of brochures, print and scans of historic photos

Lincoln ($1,649)

Highland United Methodist Church

Highland Cemetery

Road work, signage, clean-up, Civil War Veterans monument

Lincoln ($1,750)

Barrow Cemetery Association

Barrow Cemetery

Landscaping, fencing

Logan ($9,672.25)

Logan County Cemetery Preservation Committee

Old Red, Oak Grove, Kennerly Chapel, Gillum, Buie and Young Cemeteries

Reset tombstones, fencing, landscaping, level soil

Marshall ($21,956.44)

Marshall County Fiscal Court / Marshall County Cemetery Board

Castleberry, Malcolm, Mitchell, Old Place, Palmer, Sledd-Frizzell, Smothers, Story II and Styers Cemeteries

Clean-up, fencing, tombstone repair, placing headstones at unmarked graves

Menifee ($5,000)

Menifee County Fiscal Court

Various Cemeteries

Signage and road work

Monroe ($4,500)

Monroe County Fiscal Court

Gearlds Kirkpatrick and Moses Kirkpatrick Cemeteries

Clean-up, fencing and equipment

Montgomery ($9,525)

Montgomery County Fiscal Court

Jones Cemetery

Road work, tree removal, fencing

Nelson ($1,500)

Nelson County Fiscal Court

Bloomfield Cemetery

Road work, repair perimeter, fencing, tree removal, secure grave markers

Nelson ($2,000)

Nelson County Fiscal Court / Fairfield Cemetery Board

Fairfield Cemetery

Construct a boundary fence, surveying

Nicholas ($1,500)

Jane Martin Smith

Martin Cemetery

Clean-up, reset and clean tombstones

Oldham ($8,000)

Friends of Westport, Inc.

Westport Public and Palin-Chambers-Woolfork Cemeteries

Purchase equipment, landscaping, repair grave markers

Robertson ($1,500)

Robertson County Fiscal Court

Multiple Site Search

Historic research for all the abandoned and neglected cemeteries in Robertson County

Rowan ($18,800)

Rowan County Fiscal Court

Franklin, Hayes, Johnson, Maddox and Hamm Cemeteries

Road work, tree removal, reset headstones, build walking path

Shelby ($4,578.50)

Calvary Cemetery, Inc.

Old Colored Cemetery

Fencing, clean-up

Spencer ($5,080)

Spencer County Fiscal Court

Old Church of Christ at Waterford, Elk Creek, Baird and McGee Cemeteries

Clean-up, landscaping, fencing, signage



City of Taylorsville

Pioneer Cemetery

Install fence, gates

Taylor ($1,723)

Taylor County Fiscal Court

Cloyd Cemetery

Fencing, reset stones

Taylor ($18,430)

Taylor County Fiscal Court

Kirtley No. 2, Wagner, Atchley, Tallow Creek Community and Allen Cemetery

Landscaping, fencing, signage, tombstone repair

Todd ($9,000)

New Cedar Grove Cemetery

New Cedar Grove Cemetery

Clean-up, reset tombstones, landscaping

Warren ($14,200)

Warren County Fiscal Court

Various Cemeteries

Clean-up and repair, fencing, landscaping, historic research





The Kentucky Cemetery Preservation program funds maintenance, preservation and restoration activities.  Examples of maintenance activities include initial cleanup and landscaping, purchasing equipment, fencing, signage and improving interior roads. Preservation and restoration activities include acquiring conservation easements, surveying boundaries and repairing and cleaning tombstones.

Other activities that are eligible for funding are historic research, archiving, training to support cemetery preservation and improving access roads.

Counties may establish five-member county cemetery boards to apply for grants. State agencies, local governments, and certain nonprofit organizations – cemeteries, historical and genealogical groups, and local civic groups – also may apply. However, applications from county boards will receive funding priority.

The maximum grant that a group can receive is $25,000 and the minimum grant is $1,000, and a one-to-one local match is required.

A five-member state board oversees the program and makes funding decisions. The state board is chaired by the Commissioner of GOLD and also represents the Kentucky Heritage Council, the Kentucky Historical Society, the Kentucky Association of Counties and the Kentucky African-American Heritage Commission.