Governor's Office for Local Development

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, September 27, 2006  
Contact Information:  Samantha Cook
Public Information Officer

Governor Ernie Fletcher, the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) and the Governor’s Office for Agricultural Policy visited Butler County yesterday to present ceremonial checks for a number of community projects.


“Each project recognized today represents an investment in the citizens of Butler County,” said Governor Fletcher. “The utilization of these funds will mean great improvements for the area, helping fulfill our commitment to building stronger communities across Kentucky.”


Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Funds


A $1,388,888 Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) line-item was given by Governor Fletcher to the Butler County Water System, Inc. for water system improvements. This project will provide approximately 5,300 linear feet of water transmission main and will improve the service to approximately 2,500 homes. Funds will also be used to improve water quality at the water treatment plant, which serves approximately 4,500 households. Additionally, funds will be used to design and construct a 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank.  


Senator Brett Guthrie (R-Bowling Green) said, "Infrastructure is the heart of any community.  This funding is vital to the growth and development of Butler County.”


HB 380 and HB 267 line-item awards


A HB 380 line-item in the amount of $538,000 for a Community Training Center and a HB 267 line-item in the amount of $130,572 for various fire departments were presented by Governor Fletcher to the Butler County Fiscal Court.  Fire department funding will be used for equipment, improvements and operating expenses. 


“This funding will improve the quality of life for the people of Butler County by improving the services available to them,” said Representative C.B. Embry (R-Morgantown).  “These line-items will improve our economic development prospects by offering a better-trained workforce and a safer area to live and work.”


Agricultural diversification funding


Governor Fletcher also presented a check to the Butler County Agricultural Development Council in the amount of $56,955 for agricultural diversification efforts in Butler County.


Governor Fletcher discussed the importance of agricultural diversification to the Commonwealth. 


“For much of the history of Kentucky, our farmers have played an important role in the lives of our citizens, through their economic contributions as well as by providing Kentucky-grown products,” said Governor Fletcher. “This funding gives Butler County farmers the opportunity to expand their base and grow new products.”


The Hay Straw and Commodity Storage Program is currently being operated with the 2006 April payment of Agricultural Development Funds. This program offers cost-share assistance for farmers to improve net farm income through employing the best practices related to hay, straw, and commodity storage and the utilization of these practices, thus improving feed and straw quality.


Governor Fletcher and the Kentucky Legislature continue to make great strides toward lessening Kentucky’s dependence on tobacco production while revitalizing the farm economy by investing 50 percent of Kentucky's Master Settlement Agreement into the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund. To date, Kentucky has invested more than $222 million to an array of county, regional and state projects designed to increase net farm income and create sustainable new farm-based business enterprises. The Butler County diversification programs represent over 2,656 projects that have been funded through Agricultural Development Fund, since the inception of the program in January 2001.


For more information about the sign-up period and the guidelines for county programs contact the Butler County Cooperative Extension Office at (270) 526-3767.  To learn more about cost-share and loan programs available in your area contact the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy at (502) 564-4627.


Water and sewer project funding


Governor Fletcher presented the Butler County Fiscal Court and the Butler County Plant Board with a $2.925 million check for various water and sewer projects.  The funding is administered by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA).