Governor's Office for Local Development
Breckinridge County Receives Funding for Community Projects

Press Release Date:  Friday, June 23, 2006  
Contact Information:  Dan Bayens
Public Information Officer

        State and local officials attended a check presentation in Frankfort today to recognize funding from the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) and funds administered by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) for recently approved Breckinridge County projects.  Several checks were presented, including funding from KIA for water facility improvements and a Community Economic Growth Grant (CEGG) for the city of Hardinsburg.

      “This funding demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our communities receive the support necessary for proper infrastructure development,” said Governor Fletcher, who was represented at today’s check presentation by Executive Cabinet Secretary Robbie Rudolph. “The citizens of Breckinridge County will see an increased quality of life because of these projects.”

Community Economic Growth Grant (CEGG) Funding

            The City of Hardinsburg received a $100,000 Community Economic Growth Grant to assist in financing an ambitious water project that consists of four components:

·         Construction of a 2.0 million gallon per day (MGD) water treatment plant using reverse osmosis technology – the first in the state.

·         Installation of approximately 23 miles of large diameter transmission mains

·         Construction of two water storage tanks

·         Installation of telemetry on all system facilities (storage tanks, pumps and treatment plant).

The total project cost is over $14 million.

Senator Carroll Gibson (R-Leitchfield) praised the funding.  “I am excited that this project is moving forward.  Breckinridge County is in great need of an adequate water source and these projects will ensure that our communities have access to essential services.”

Representative Dwight Butler (R-Harned) agreed.  “We must continue to find opportunities for community development projects that serve the needs of our citizens.  This funding accomplishes that goal by bringing much needed improvement to area infrastructure.”

The City of Hardinsburg is a regional water supplier in Breckinridge County, serving residents and businesses within the city, throughout a large portion of the county and sells water to the City of Irvington. The new treatment plant and groundwater source are needed to provide a safer source of water to its customers. Currently, the city relies on water from the Rough River Reservoir. This source has been a chronic problem both in terms of quality and quantity.

CEGG is administered by the Governor’s Office for Local Development through the Office of State Grants.  The goal of the program is to provide flexible funding to support and encourage the economic growth and viability of communities within the Commonwealth.

Counties, cities, special districts and school districts were eligible to apply for this year’s funding. Monies can be utilized for construction, acquisition of property, equipment purchase, industrial site development, infrastructure and capital improvement projects.

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) Funding

            KIA presented over $1.8 million in funds appropriated by the General Assembly to state and local officials for three different projects:

·         A $275,000 grant has been awarded to the Ohio County Water District.  The funding is to be used to run water lines into Breckinridge County in the Falls of Rough area, serving customers who currently utilize wells or have to haul water.

·         The city of Hardinsburg has been awarded $75,000, to be used for the Hardinsburg/Breckinridge County Water Master Plan.  That plan is to identify all areas of the county with no water service, develop cost estimates, prioritize the projects and guide the extension of service.  

·         Funding in the amount of $1,500,000 has been awarded to extend water service through the McQuady area of Breckinridge County along KY HWY 79.  A booster pump station and storage tank will be included in order to serve these areas.

            The Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) was created to provide the mechanism for funding construction of local public works projects, in particular water and wastewater.  KIA administers two federally assisted loan programs and two state funded programs.  The agency has approved more than $725 million in loans to Kentucky communities.  KIA also administers funds appropriated for specific projects by the General Assembly.  A total of $656 million in grants has been designated by the legislature from 2000-2006.

Body Armor Funding

            In addition to the infrastructure funding, a $1,324 check was presented to the Irvington Police Department for the purpose of purchasing body armor.  The grant will be used to purchase four officer vests.

            The Kentucky Body Armor Program, established in 1999, allows law enforcement agencies to acquire body armor for their sworn officers.  Funding for the program is derived from the sale of firearms that have been confiscated by state and local law enforcement agencies.  The program is a collaborative effort by the Governor's Office for Local Development (GOLD), the Kentucky State Police and the Division of Surplus Equipment. The current state price contract amount for an officer vest is $331.00 while the average cost of a canine vest is approximately $650.00.

            Applications for the Kentucky Body Armor Program are available through the Governor's Office for Local Development and are accepted on a continual basis.  Projects are selected for funding three or four times a year based on need and the availability of funds.  Since its establishment in 1999, the program has approved 3,914 officer vests and 31 service animal vests.  This represents $1,463,703 that has been sent to local law enforcement agencies.  Additionally over $211,000 has been provided to the Kentucky State Police for new equipment.  The Kentucky Body Armor Program is administered by the Governor’s Office for Local Development.