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Press Release Date:  Tuesday, October 23, 2007  
Contact Information:  Lanny Brannock
Public Information Officer

Grant applications for Get Healthy projects available today

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Governor Ernie Fletcher today announced the availability of a new grant program that makes funds available to communities for Get Healthy Kentucky (GHK) Projects. Through this funding, communities can receive funding that focuses on creating opportunities for healthy choices through increased physical activity and improved nutrition.

“My goal has been to make Kentucky a healthier place. Kentuckians have faced an uphill climb in several key areas of overall health including a disproportionately high number of tobacco users and number of citizens facing chronic health problems like heart disease and cancer,” said Governor Fletcher. “Get Healthy Kentucky will comprehensively address these preventable conditions in our commonwealth and this new grant program will help us achieve that goal.”

In spring 2006, Governor Fletcher’s vision for Kentucky becoming a healthier state became a reality when the Kentucky General Assembly unanimously passed the Governor’s Wellness and Physical Activity Initiative, which created Get Healthy Kentucky.  One of Get Healthy Kentucky’s charges is the creation, enhancement and support of worthwhile projects such as physical activity initiatives, improvement in the built environment and important programs for our schools and families. 

The GHK grant program will provide grants of up to $20,000 to local and county governments to implement built environment initiatives in communities around Kentucky. The program seeks to offset the costs for communities to provide opportunities for citizens to make healthy choices. 

Eligible projects include but are not limited to:

-Development or enhancement of walking trails, playgrounds and parks

-Facilities or improvements of existing facilities, equipment, encouragement of increased physical activity or improved nutrition

-Partner with Safe Routes to School to enhance the ability to walk/bike to school

-Create/enhance bike-friendly communities

-Create point-of-decision nutrition prompts for intervention in area stores and restaurants

-Develop and promote a “Passport” for children where the passport is stamped at every visit to a participating restaurant or park when the child orders a healthy meal or exercises

Open enrollment for the application process begins October 22, 2007. Acceptance of full applications will close on November 30, 2007. No applications will be accepted with a postmark date after November 30, 2007. Final award announcements will be made by December 31, 2007. 

Get Healthy Kentucky is administered through the Governor’s Office of Wellness and Physical Activity. The Office is comprised of obesity prevention, nutrition, physical activity, worksite wellness and tobacco cessation experts. The mission of the office is to improve the health of Kentuckians by providing opportunities through education, policy, environmental and culture change for all citizens of the Commonwealth. The Office strives to create environments that encourage and support healthy lifestyles, so being healthy becomes the easier way to live.

The Governor’s Office of Wellness and Physical Activity is offering this grant program in partnership with the Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD). GOLD has extensive experience in administering grant programs and working with communities around the state. GOLD will serve as the fiscal and administrative agent of CHFS for the GHK grant program. 

For more information or to apply for a GHK grant, please visit