Governor's Office for Local Development

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, April 17, 2007  
Contact Information:  Lanny Brannock
Andi Johnson
Public Information Officer

Governor Ernie Fletcher visited Barren County this afternoon to deliver more than $4.4 million in funding for several community projects, including a new library, water and sewer upgrades, and a local roadway investment that will provide better access to Barren County Middle and High schools, and Western Kentucky University’s Glasgow campus. 


“The investments we are announcing today will improve the quality of life for people in Barren County for generations to come,” said Governor Fletcher.


The Governor joined Transportation Cabinet and other state officials at the Boys and Girls Club of Glasgow to present $1,361,000 to the City of Glasgow for upgrades to Trojan Trail.


“This funding will give local officials the opportunity to improve an important transportation link that serves this community in many capacities,” said Governor Ernie Fletcher.  “Glasgow and Barren County is a growing community and we are working to ensure that our roads and infrastructure will meet the demands of the future.” 


With the area’s population rising and enrollment at local schools trending upward, the funding for infrastructure has arrived just in time.  Officials at Western Kentucky University’s Glasgow campus applauded the planned improvements. 


“The past five years have been very exciting as we have seen a significant increase in the number of students who are choosing to pursue their educations at WKU-Glasgow,” said Dr. Juanita Bayless, associate dean of Western’s Division of Extended Learning and Outreach and director of the Glasgow campus.  “As we look forward to the coming years, being able to have some relief from congestion on Trojan Trail will certainly facilitate our ability to grow.”


The funds presented by the Governor today will be used to improve the entire length of Trojan Trail, which extends from U.S. 31E to KY 249, a 1.3-mile stretch.  The road will be widened from two to four lanes throughout the corridor. 


“This is certainly an exciting announcement Governor Fletcher has made today.  The teachers, students and families who travel this road each day will be greatly served by these improvements,” said Sen. Richie Sanders (R-Franklin).  “Glasgow continues to grow and prosper and this is an important artery for the local transportation system.  We thank the Governor for his support.”


“Governor Fletcher has been solid on his commitment to provide local communities with the tools they need to improve quality of life and economic vitality through better roads and infrastructure,” stated Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert.  “We are pleased to be able to deliver funding that will help pave the way for increased opportunities for the community of Glasgow and Barren County.”


Governor Fletcher also presented ceremonial checks totaling $3.2 million in community funding to the citizens of Barren County and Glasgow. The funds will be used to purchase a new library building, construct an EMS building, upgrade the industrial park and upgrade water and sewer services throughout the county.


Barren County will be safer because of improved ambulance services to the western side of the county and the infrastructure and industrial park upgrades will help boost the local economy,” continued Governor Fletcher. “We’re proud of the Library Board’s commitment to excellence in the expansion of the library—an expansion that benefits everyone.”


As part of the community project funding, the Governor presented a $1 million ceremonial check to the Barren County Library Board for the purchase of the Citizens’ First Bank building to expand the Barren County Library.


The purchase allows the library to expand its services by operating in two buildings. A renovation will be done to the new building, with a move from the old building to the new one scheduled about nine months from now.


$1.3 million for water and sewer projects in Barren County


Governor Fletcher also presented a $1.3 million ceremonial check to the Citizens of Barren County for water and sewer infrastructure upgrades throughout Barren County. The funding will provide upgraded water and sewer services for more than 38,000 underserved households.


  • $380,000 for the Glasgow Water Company to of upgrade 3880 feet of existing gravity line to 18 inches from Twyman Park to provide additional capacity for future growth.  Project starts south of Cheatham Street and continues to Highway 90 East.


  • $320,000 to the Glasgow Water Company to construct approximately 8.2 miles of water distribution lines, a water booster station, and improvements to a water storage tank. Together these projects will increase delivery capabilities from the Barren River water treatment plant.


  • $300,000 to the Glasgow Water Company to upgrade 3400 feet of existing gravity line to 15 inches from Twyman Park to Water Street in the downtown area. This project starts at Highway 63 and continues to the Water/Lewis Street.


  • $300,000 to the Caveland Environmental Authority to purchase and construct 200 feet of eight inch gravity line, 200 feet of eight inch force main line, and one lift station.


$500,000 to construct an Emergency Services Building


Governor Fletcher presented a $500,000 ceremonial check to the Barren County Fiscal Court for construction of an Emergency Services Building at the Glasgow Municipal Airport.


The funds will be used to construct an EMS building that will house an ambulance and provide a full-time hangar for an emergency services helicopter. The building will make emergency services more accessible for the western side of Barren County, Cave City, Park City and Interstate 65.


$400,000 for Industrial Park Upgrades


The Governor presented a $400,000 ceremonial check to the City of Glasgow for upgrades to the Highland Gen Industrial Park. Funds will be used to upgrade infrastructure and site development.


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