Kentucky Division of Forestry
Division of Forestry Seeks Public Comment

Press Release Date:  Monday, May 03, 2010  
Contact Information:  Stewart West

Division of Forestry Seeks Public Comment
Strategies to address forest issues to be reviewed through May 10 

FRANKFORT, Ky. (April 30, 2010) – Approximately 47 percent of our state is covered in trees, and they provide a wide variety of benefits to Kentucky's citizens.  For us to continue to enjoy these benefits and explore new opportunities, state and federal agencies must address the critical issues affecting this resource, the priority areas linking our forests and other natural resources, and the strategies for improving sustainability. 
 These concerns are currently being addressed in a comprehensive report entitled Kentucky’s Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources and Strategy.  The report, which is still under development and review by an assessment team led by the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF), will be published in June following a third and final public review period scheduled through May 10.  During this time, the public is encouraged to provide comments and suggestions regarding the long-term strategy that has been developed for addressing critical issues and priority areas.   
 “As part of the assessment process, we have developed this strategy with goals and tactics to address forest-related issues in our state,” said Leah MacSwords, KDF director and state forester.  “We hope our citizens will take the opportunity to view and comment on the proposed strategy in an effort to help determine how to focus the division’s efforts during current economic challenges.”  
 A current draft of the strategy can be viewed online at and written comments regarding the strategy will be accepted through May 10, 2010.  The finalized assessment and strategy will serve as a basis for planning and funding.  For more information about Kentucky’s Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources, please visit KDF’s Web site at or call 800-866-0555.