First Lady Jane Beshear's Communications Office
First Lady Jane Beshear Announces Community Enhancement Grant for Liberty

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, May 31, 2011  
Contact Information:  Parry Barrows

LIBERTY, Ky.– First Lady Jane Beshear today announced funding for a community enhancement project in Liberty.

A $950,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) administered by the Department of Local Government (DLG) was awarded for the design and construction of a new 500,000 gallon water storage tank for the city of Liberty.

“Having safe, sufficient water is essential for Kentucky families, and I am proud to present this grant on behalf of my husband,” said Mrs. Beshear. “Replacing two damaged water tanks with a new larger one will increase capacity and quality of water in Liberty.”

Liberty is served by four reservoir-type steel water tanks, two of which have many deficiencies that were identified during inspections. Erected in 1930, the Water Tower Road Tank has a substandard ladder and roof accessories and a deteriorated concrete foundation. Paint on the tank is lead-based, and both interior and exterior surfaces are severely corroded. The Price Tank has similar problems.

The new water tank will replace the two deficient tanks and provide an extra 250,000 gallons of storage capacity. With 2,000 linear feet of connecting 10-inch water transmission main and site work, the ground storage tank will serve 944 customers.

“This much needed assistance granted by Governor Beshear will upgrade the water works for the future and ensure safer drinking water for the citizens of Liberty,” said DLG Commissioner Tony Wilder. “In addition, the grant will protect the safety of workers at the water plant.”

The CDBG funding will supplement $50,000 in local funding for a total project cost of $1 million.

“This grant is certainly welcome news and will go a long way to help keep Liberty’s water system up and running for years to come. I’m glad to see this project get the go-ahead,” said Rep. Terry Mills of Lebanon. 

The state’s CDBG program is administered by DLG and funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Kentucky’s Congressional leaders’ ongoing support of the CDBG program ensures the availability of continued funding in Kentucky and nationally.