Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Kentucky Horse Racing Commission approves lab services contract with HFL Sport Sciences

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, March 16, 2010  
Contact Information:  Dick Brown

Following the recommendations of the Governor’s Task Force on Horse Racing, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) today approved an agreement with HFL Sport Sciences to provide drug testing for Kentucky race tracks. It is anticipated the laboratory will begin processing samples no later than Jan. 31, 2011. HFL will replace services now being provided through an agreement with the University of Florida which has been extended through January 2011.

 “This agreement is much more than just drug testing of race horses at Kentucky tracks,” said Robert Beck, chair of the KHRC. “Kentucky will be on the receiving end of world-class testing with the opportunity for this company to expand into other areas.”  

KHRC Executive Director Lisa Underwood says HFL plans to not only perform drug testing for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission in Kentucky but also to perform drug testing in Kentucky for a broader array of sports activities, including testing horse feed and human sport supplements for banned substances and developing laboratory screening tests for human fitness and human nutritional health.

“The lab will bring so much more to the table than traditional equine drug testing labs,” said Underwood. “HFL has an extensive background in equine drug testing and research, and Kentucky stands to benefit from the addition of a great deal of knowledge into the therapeutic uses of medications in race horses. I am very pleased we have reached this agreement and I am very excited about the job and economic growth that will result.” 

Any research project to be conducted with Commission funds will go through a bid process under the guidance and recommendation of the Commission’s Equine Drug Research Council before being submitted to the full Commission for approval.

A location for the HFL lab facility, which will be the first investment by Quotient in a project in the United States, has not yet been announced.

HFL Sport Science is a division of Quotient Bioresearch.  Quotient Bioresearch is a leading provider of early stage and specialist drug development services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients worldwide.  Quotient is currently based entirely in the United Kingdom and employs over 600 people in its sports business and its drug development services business.  Quotient is a world/market leader in the provision of a number of specialist drug development services, custom radiolabelling services, specialist Phase I clinical trials and bioanalytical sciences.