Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
UPDATED Meeting Advisory of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission - new agenda items added

Press Release Date:  Monday, March 15, 2010  
Contact Information:  Dick Brown

Please note there have been three new agenda items added to Tuesday’s KHRC meeting scheduled for 1:30 p.m. EDT at the U.S. Dressage Federation building in the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

I. Call to order and roll call

II. Vote to approve the minutes of January 5, 2010

III. New Business
a. Approve KTDF reimbursement for Churchill Downs Fall 2009 Meet
b. Approve KTDF reimbursement for Turfway Park Holiday Meet 2009
    and partial payment for Winter 2010
c. Approve KTDF allotment for Keeneland’s  2010 Spring Meet
d. Approve KTDF allotment for Churchill Downs’ 2010 Spring Meet
e. KTDF Advisory Committee request for change in reimbursement policies
f.  Ratify  Churchill Downs future Oaks/Derby wagering and Exacta wagers
g. Approve Churchill Downs’ Roster of Racing Officials for Spring 2010 Meet
h. Approve Keeneland’s request to offer $.50 Pick Three wager on all live races
i.  Approve Keeneland’s Roster of Racing Officials for Spring 2010 Meet
j.  Approve Keeneland’s request to add additional race on April 10th
k. Keeneland Association request for Military Appreciation Day (Ben Ali Stakes race)
l.  Approve Players Bluegrass Downs’ Roster of Racing Officials for 2010 Meet
m.Approve Reimbursement to Ellis Park Backside Improvement Fund 
n. Ratify New Mutuels Manager for Turfway Park
o. Non-Race Period II Award Distribution Updates
1. Appaloosa 
2. Saddlebreds 
p. Rules Committee/Non-Race Advisory Committee:  Recommendation for an additional HIO for     KWH-BIF Period II 
q. New Regulation regarding Frivolous Appeals
r. Approval of addendum to Lab Contract with University of Florida
s. Approve contract with HFL for future lab services 
IV. Other Business
a. Report from Chief Steward – John Veitch 
b. Report from Dr. Jerry Yon on KY Equine Drug Research Council
c. Reports from Equine Medical Director - Dr. Mary Scollay
d. Churchill Announcement regarding Derby Dream Bet Wager
e. Working Draft Status Report on Regulations

V.  Executive Session
VI. Adjournment